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*Web Tools/Tutorials for Presentation

Find a unique and powerful way to present your research!
  Check out the tools below and see if any might work for you!

Thinglink is a place to make images interactive with buttons that will link to text, video, images, music or a URL.

allows for the creation of web-based presentations that include animated videos and amazing content. Powtoon is ideal for those seeking a nice alternative to more traditional presentation tools. Simple to use, it makes creating engaging, interesting, and exciting animated videos extremely easy.

Padlet is virtual blank wall waiting to be filled with pictures, text, and video.  It is a fast and easy way to make a webpage.

MyHistro allows you to combine maps and historical timelines into one presentation. You can take a map and flag items you wish to emphasize using text, images, and video. This tool is good for collaborative tasks and multimedia projects. Timelines can be embedded into blogs or websites.

Animoto is a free tool that allows you to make videos based on your photos or video clips.  With 50 styles to choose from, you have many design options.  You are able to add text if desired as well as select from a library of music to enhance your presentations.

Fotobabble allows you to add narration to an image. Select a picture from your files or a URL of a picture you would like to use.  Once selected, you can record your narration.  It is possible to record multiple Fotobabbles and combine them into a slideshow. is a tool that allows you to  make Infographics, visual representations of information. You can use existing templates or start from a blank page. The program provides a wide range of visuals that you can use or you can add your own.  Add text to emphasize facts.  

Haiku Deck  makes presentations simple, beautiful, and fun.  Free images and themes make Haiku Deck an a great choice.
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