Welcome to the ART ROOM


Frank T. Wheeler Elementary School
15 Cleveland Memorial Dr., Plainville, CT 06062 

Welcome To The Art Room
Mrs. Helming

Art Teacher
Year At A Glance
Art lessons at each grade level are preplanned for the success of all students using elements and 
principles of art in combination.  A comprehensive explanation of each lesson is presented to 
assist the student in identifying how the element and/or principle being taught applies to the art
 assignment.  Also included with many lessons are extension activities relating to a particular element 
or principle, studies and reproductions of master artists and new art terminology.
Elements:  Line - Shape- Form Color - Value - Texture - Space
Principles:  Balance - Movement - Rhythm  
Contrast - Emphasis - Pattern - Unity

Art Links

Metropolitan Museum of Art           http://www.metmuseum.org/

Wadsworth Museum           http://www.wadsworthatheneum.org/
New Britain Museum of Art                     http://www.nbmaa.org/

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