Welcome to Our Technology Classroom

MSP's Technology Classroom 
is a safe, exciting place for students to:

Take Risks
Problem Solve
and LOTS of other learning!

All Students work through the Design Process as a method of approaching each Engineering Challenge.

We strive to use and learn about technology in a way that allows us to synthesize our knowledge into an ability to create a positive impact on our world.

Our Technology Education Classes are based on the following Essential Understandings:
  • Collaborative workgroups create a successful project outcome through group activities, sharing responsibilities and materials, and maintaining a positive awareness of others.

  • Self reliance and resourcefulness in dealing with problem solving scenarios is a vital component of the design process.

  • Tools and machines extend human capabilities.

  •  Technological changes have impacted and will continue to impact our environment. 

  • Safe Work Habits are an essential part of everyday life.

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