Practice your word sorts by going to our class page on Spelling City. Once there look for your group, and then your study list. Click here to access class page.

Are you looking for a list of ways to practice spelling the words on your word list at home? Go to the File Cabinet page and download the Spelling Practice Ideas document.

Our spelling program is a word study program called Words Their Way. Words Their Way is actually a combined program of spelling, phonics, and vocabulary. Through the examination and partner discussion and work, students will learn how to spell and decode new words, which will result in improved word recognition speed. After an initial evaluation, students are placed in word lists that match their level of spelling development. That means that students in the same class are working on different word lists, rather than the whole class studying the same words. Each week students are given a list of words to sort, and then write and study. That seemingly simple process of sorting words allows students to actually analyze the words. That analysis can then be applied to their reading and writing.