Safari Scholar Club

The Safari Scholar Club is for girls and boys who are interested in going far beyond what we learn in the classroom! This club will challenge your brain! It is learning that can be done in school after your class work is complete, or at home if your parents say it's okay to use the Internet. All you have to do is pick a topic, learn about it, and write down the question and your answers for Mrs. Carnevale. Place your answers in the turn-it-in tray, and watch your graph grow on our Safari Scholar Club chart. You can be a gold, silver, or bronze scholar, based on the points you earn. Gold, silver, and bronze scholars will get to have their (first) name on this page, and keep it there, even when they're no longer in third grade!

 81-100 points  51-80 points  30-50 points

REMEMBER: Do not click on any ads you see, or click other links from the pages, without asking an adult first!

Social Studies

Websites to help you


Name the 7 continents.

Awesome Lists for Social Studies MC Questions


Name 15 world countries.  

Country Maps


Name 15 major world cities.  

World Cities

Great Lists for Social Studies MC Questions


Name 15 types of dwellings.

Types of dwellings


Name 10 South American and Central American countries.  

South America Country Map     

Central America Map


Name 10 countries bordering the Pacific Ocean.  

Country Maps


Name 10 countries in Europe.

European Countries    

Quiz Yourself

Click on the correct European country game


Name 10 countries in Africa.

African countries     

Quiz Yourself


Name 10 major bodies of water.  

Oceans and Seas    

World Atlas

Major Bodies of Water List


Name 10 major world rivers.  

Principal Rivers of the World     

River Systems of the World

World Atlas


Name 10 large deserts of the world.

Fact Monster deserts of the world     

Desert maps

World Atlas


Name 10 large lakes.  

Lakes of the World     


World Atlas


Name 10 major mountains or mountain ranges.

Highest Peaks   

World Atlas


Name the 50 states.  

50 States List     

50 States Quiz


Write the names of the 50 states on a map.  

Explore the States    

U.S. Map to Label


Name the state capitals.  

State Capitals - Homework Spot


Name the 13 Colonies.  

13 Colonies List 

13 Colonies Quiz & Map


Name 10 Native American tribes.

Native American Nations


Name 10 Waterfalls

20. Draw a map of Connecticut and put a star where Plainville is located. Write the names of the towns that border Plainville in the right locations on the map.

CT Town Map


List all the time zones in the United States. Which time zone is CT in? What do you think a second grader in Hawaii is most likely doing when you are getting ready for school?          

Time Zones

Name 8 explorers.  

Zoom Explorers


Name 10 facts about the flag of the United States of America

About the Flag


Name the 1st - 10th presidents in order.  

Info Please Almanac Presidents


Name the 11th  - 20th presidents in order.  

Info Please Almanac Presidents


Name the 21st - 30th presidents in order.  

Info Please Almanac Presidents


Name the 31st - current presidents in order.  

Info Please Almanac Presidents

Science Websites to help you

Name 15 kinds of fish.

Kinds of Fish       

Interesting Fish Facts

29. Name 15 marine creatures.  

Marine Creatures

30. Name 15 mammals.  

All About Mammals

31. Name 15 vertebrate animals.

List of vertebrate animals        

Vertebrate animals & photos

32. Name 15 desert animals or wildlife.

Loads of desert animal information

33. Name 10 amphibians.  


34. Name 10 reptiles.  

Reptile Database

35. Name 10 dinosaurs.  

Dinosaur Pictures      

All About Dinosaurs

36. Name 10 types of birds.  

Birds of the 50 States   

List of State Birds

37. Name 10 rainforest birds or mammals.  

Rainforest Wildlife      

Rainforest Animals

38. Name 10 deciduous trees.  

What Tree Is It?

39. Name 10 rocks or minerals.  

Mineral Gallery - photos     

How Rocks are Formed  

Rocks & Minerals


Name 10 chemicals and their chemical symbols.  

Periodic Table for Kids      

Game - Periodic Table

Great video/song to learn the elements

41. Name 10 constellations.

Choose a constellation then "constellation lines"     


42. Name 5 facts about the human heart 

Amazing Heart Facts

43. Name 8 types of clouds.

More about clouds

44. Name 5 inventors and their inventions.  

National Inventors Hall of Fame

45. Name 10 facts about tsunamis


46. Name 10 facts about tornados Tornado info from Weather Wiz Kids 
 47.     Name 10 facts about hurricanes Hurricane info from Weather Wiz Kids
48. Name the stages of the water cycle.  

Water Cycle

49. Name the order of the colors in the rainbow.  

About Rainbows

50. Label the major bones of the skeleton. Human Skeleton - Enchanted Learning     
Mr. Bones Assembly Activity
51. Name 5 facts about the human brain     Your Gross and Cool Body/Brain
52. Name the order of the planets in the solar system.  

Introduction to the Nine Planets

Language Arts & Linguistics

Websites to Help You
53. Name 20 verbs.  

What is a Verb?    

Play the "Nouns or Verbs? game

54. Name 15 adjectives.

Adjective Information

55. Name 15 adverbs.


56. Name 15 prepositions.

List of Prepositions

57. Name 10 common nouns & 10 proper nouns.


58. Name 10 famous authors.

Children's Authors - Authors

59. Give 2 examples each of alliteration, personification, simile, metaphor, and onomatopoeia.

What Is Figurative Language?    


60. Count to 10 in Spanish - You need to count out loud to Mrs. Carnevale.  

Count in Spanish

61. Count to 10 in French - You need to count out loud to Mrs. Carnevale.  

Click "Ecoutons" (listen) to listen to the numbers & then click "Repetons" and finally, "Praticons" to play a game

62. Count to 10 in German - You need to count out loud to Mrs. Carnevale.  Count in German
63. Use sign language to "sign" the alphabet to Mrs. Carnevale.

Sign Language Game

64. What is the Caldecott Medal for? Name 10 novels that received this award. 

Caldecott Medal Home Page

Caldecott Medal Winners

65. What is the Newbery Medal for? Name 10 novels that received this award.
66.     Name 10 contractions and the words that make them up.
67. Name 10 compound words and the words that make them up.


Websites to help you
68. Draw the lines of symmetry for the capital alphabet. Symmetry of Capital Letters
69. Compute area of squares, rectangles, circles, and triangles. - Area Formulas
70. Make an elapsed time chart of your typical day. Practice elapsed time here Harcourt School site-Print Elapsed Time Recording Sheet to do the activity.
71. Write in Roman numerals up to 100.

Roman numerals

Know your Roman numerals

Take a Roman Numerals Interactive Quiz

72. Name 5 famous mathematicians.

Famous mathematicians

A long list of mathematicians

73. Measure 3 rooms in your house and compute the area and perimeter of each room. You will probably need help from a parent or older brother/sister for this, especially if you use a measuring tape. 

Area of rectangles

Play "Shape Surveyor" to practice both

Area & perimeter - under "Free Activities", click "Area" to watch a cool slide show

74. Name 5 two-dimensional and 5 three-dimensional figures from geometry.

Find 3D shapes in a picture

Research Geometric Shapes at Enchanted Learning

75. Earn 100% in 4 minutes on the Facts in a Flash addition basic facts test. 

Tell Mrs. Carnevale you want to count your test for this point.

76. Earn 100% in 4 minutes on the Facts in a Flash subtraction basic facts test.       Tell Mrs. Carnevale you want to count your test for this point.
77. Earn 100% in 6 minutes on the Facts in a Flash multiplication basic facts test.   Tell Mrs. Carnevale you want to count your test for this point.
78. List 20 items at home and/or at school that are divided into fractional pieces (example: my living room window is divided into eighths).
79. Triple a recipe for chocolate chip cookies, writing the entire recipe in your very best handwriting. Chocolate Chip Cookies
80. List 10 the different ways to make $1.00 using only quarters, dimes and nickels.


Websites to help you
81. Name one career for each letter of the alphabet.  

Jobs Kids Like

82. Name the birthstones for each month.   Birthstones
83. Name 10 different modes of transportation.   Transportation of the United States
84. Name 15 breeds of horses.   Horse Breeds of the World
85. Name 15 breeds of dogs. Dog breeds from A.K.C.
86. Name 10 winter and 10 summer Olympic events.  


87. Name 10 large U.S. corporations.   Career Lab - Corporate Clients
88. Name 10 instruments in a marching band.   Marching Band Instrument List
89. Name 10 instruments in a symphony orchestra.   Sounds from the Orchestra
90. Name 10 football teams and their cities.   National Football
91. Name 10 men's basketball teams and their cities.   National Basketball Association
92. Name 10 baseball teams and their cities.   Major League
93. Name 10 hockey teams and their cities.  National Hockey
94. Name 10 women's basketball teams and their cities Women's National Basketball Association
95. Name 20 colleges and/or universities in Connecticut College Stats
96. Interview one of your grandparents. Find out 10 interesting facts about their life as a child your age.  
97. Work with your parents to make a family tree going back to your great grandparents (go further if you want). Includes dates of birth and death, as well as places of birth, if your family has access to this information.  
98. Find out the meaning of your first and middle names. Also, talk with your parents and find out why they chose these names for you.
99. Make a list of 20 healthy foods and 20 unhealthy foods.    
100. Make a list of 15 ways you can exercise to keep your body healthy.  

Here Are the Safari Scholars!
 81-100 points 51-80 points 30-50 points
 Landon - June 2012 
Maya - March 2013
Landon - February 2012 
Emma - December 2012
Maya - March 2013

The Safari Scholar Club is based on the Mastery Club created by Mrs. Heather Renz, and used with permission.