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Math Fact Shoot Out
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Free Rice Multiplication

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Topic 1 - Numeration
Cookie Dough
Study Jams Place Value
FunBrain Place Value Finder
Speedboats Comparing Numbers
Place Value Pirates
What's Your Name?
Genius Boxing
Place Value Models
Place Value Names
Value of a Digit
Convert Between Place Values
Place Value Word Problems
Place Values
Comparing Numbers (pick third game in list, and highest level of the game)
Base Ten Fun
Base Ten Bingo (select thousands)
Compare Numbers
Order Numbers

Topic 2 - Number Sense: Addition and Subtraction
Estimating Sums to 100
Estimating Differences from 100
Rounding to Nearest Hundred
Rounding 4 Digit Numbers to Nearest Hundred
Rounding 5-Digit Numbers to the Nearest Hundred
Balance Equations
Estimate Differences of Two Numbers
Estimate Sums of Two Numbers
Multi-Step Word Problems 

Topic 3 - Using Place Value to Add and Subtract

Adding With Regrouping 
Subtracting With Regrouping 
Subtracting Across Zeros 

Math Baseball
Adding 3 Digit Numbers 
Subtracting 3 Digit Numbers 
Complete the Addition Sentence
Addition Word Problems
Addition Input Output Tables
Subtraction Input Output Tables
Subtraction Word Problems
Complete the Subtraction Sentence
Balance Subtraction Sentences
Scrambled Egg Subtraction Across Zeros

Topics 4, 5, and 6 - Multiplication
Quizlet for Topics 4, 5, 6
Dog Arrays 
Animal Legs 

Space Arrays
Under the Sea
Identity Property of 1
Multiplying by 0 
Multiplication Games
Multiplication Games
Math Magician 
Meteor Multiplication

Multiplication Word Problems
Connect the Dot Multiples (skip count)
Free Rice Multiplication
Kid Numbers
Multiplication Pop Up

Topics 7 and 8 - Division
Division Games - USE THIS!
Quizlet for Topics 7 and 8
Tic Tac Toe Squares 
Multiplication and Division Relationships
Cameron's Trip
Apple Baskets
Division Facts to 5
Division Facts to 10
Division Word Problems
Complete the Division Sentence
Division Facts to 12
Divisibility Rules for 2, 5, and 10
Complete the Division Table
Division Input/Output Tables
Find the Rule
Multiplication and Division Fact Families
Division Drag Race

Topic 9 - Understanding Fractions
Quizlet for Topic 9
Name Fractions on a Number Line
Compare Fractions on a Number Line
Fractions in Circles
Fraction Shading 
Identify Fractions 
Egyption Cat Fractions 

Flowering Fractions 
The Ruler Game
Measure It
Melvin's Fractions
Fraction Word Problems
More Fraction Word Problems
Fraction of a Number Word Problems
Matching Fractions
Fraction Sets
Fraction Splat

Topic 10 - Fraction Comparison and Equivalence
Quizlet for Topic 10
ELab - Equivalent Fractions
Compare Fractions
Choose the Equivalent Fraction
Ordering Fractions
Ordering Fractions 2
Compare Fractions
Comparing Fractions Splat
Equivalent Fractions Splat
Equivalent Fractions Math Man
Fractions on a Number Line

Topic 11 - Two-Dimensional Shapes and their Attributes

Quizlet for Topic 11
Triangle Sort (scroll down to it)
Shapes (scroll down to it)
Lines, Segments, and Rays
Classify Quadrilaterals
Parallel, Perpendicular and Intersecting Lines
Two-Dimensional Shapes
Line Game
Triangle Splat

Topic 12 - Time
Quizlet for Topic 12
Stop the Clock
Read Clocks and Write Time
Time to the Minute
Converting Hours to Fractions of Hours
Multi-Step Time Word Problems
Elapsed Time
Elapsed Time 2

Topic 13 - Perimeter
Quizlet for Topics 13, 14, 15
Perimeter Explorer
Adam Ant Explores Perimeter
Find the Missing Side
Perimeter Game

Topic 14 - Area
Quizlet for Topics 13, 14, 15
Area with Squares
Areas of Complex Figures
Comparing Area and Perimeter
Area and Perimeter Word Problems
Perimeter and Area
Area Game

Topic 15 - Liquid Volume and Mass
Quizlet for Topics 13, 14, 15
Choose Appropriate Unit of Measure
Which customary unit of length is appropriate?
Which customary unit of weight is appropriate?
Which customary unit of volume is appropriate?
Which metric unit of length is appropriate?
Which metric unit of weight is appropriate?
Which metric unit of volume is appropriate?
Choose the appropriate measuring tool
Best Measurement
Metric Volume
Metric Mass

Topic 16 - Data
Reading Bar Graphs
Reading Pictographs
Reading Line Graphs
Answering Questions Using Charts and Diagrams
Using Collected Data
Tables and Tally
Predictions from Data
Conclusions and Predictions from Graphs
Interpreting Data
Data Interpretation Games
Cool Graphing
All the Parts

Changing States of Matter
Solids, Liquids, and Gases
Gases Around Us
States of Matter

Simple Machines
Edheads Simple Machines
Forces in Action
Skateboard Science
Simple Machines Game
Dirtmeister, Simple machines
Simple Machines How Stuff Works

Habitats Hotlist

Build a Habitat
Build a Habitat II
Habitat Game

The First Thanksgiving

Northeast Woodlands Native Americans
Northeast Iroquois Nation: Daily Life in Olden Times

Native American Tribes of Connecticut
Algonquain Indians
Iroquois Indians
Wampanoag Fact Sheet
History of the Wampanoag Indians
Scenes from the Eastern Woodlands

Connecticut WebQuest


Town of Plainville Website
Town of Plainville Historical Society
Plainville Information from the Memorial History
125 Years of Childhood: Comparing and Contrasting the Lives of Children in Connecticut

Old Time Plainville Pictures

Our Country
All About the United States


Hour of Code
Login to Hour of Code
Inside Out Coding


Typing Club
Dance Mat Typing
Keyboarding Plane Chase
Cup Stacking

Free Rice Grammar
Free Rice Vocabulary
StudyJams Math
DOGO News for Kids
ABCYa Third Grade Games 
Learning Games for Kids

Project Sites with Mrs. Carnevale
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