February Note to the Seniors

January 23rd, 2019

From: Mrs. Arehart

February 2019

~Bring in your acceptance pictures.  Apply for scholarships.  Sign the poster of the colleges you have been accepted to.  Locals will be updated soon!  KEEP ALL scholarship awards, even if you aren’t going there, you will be honored for achieving them. 


Seniors…where are you in the FAFSA process?

Getting financial aid for college involves more than completing and submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Make sure you get through each step of the process so that you don’t miss out on money for college.


Did you complete and submit a 2019-20 FAFSA? If you haven’t, complete the form at FAFSA.gov using 2017 income tax data. Before you start, you and a parent must each get an FSA ID at fsaid.ed.gov. You’ll need the FSA IDs to access and sign your FAFSA.


If you DID submit a FAFSA, here’s what happens next:

  • Expect a Student Aid Report (SAR) via an email link. The SAR acknowledges that your FAFSA was received and lets you know if you need to take further action before the form can be processed.
  • You might receive a “verification” notification. The college(s) you listed on your FAFSA may contact you requesting documents to verify information you included on your FAFSA. You must provide those documents before your financial aid can be processed.
  • Watch for an award letter from the college(s) you listed on your FAFSA. This will detail the types and amounts of financial aid they are offering you. You must have been accepted for admission before the college will send an award letter.


It’s critical that you watch your email and/or student portal carefully to ensure you don’t miss important information about admission and financial aid.


What you need to know about scholarships!

Most scholarships are based on academics, but others are based on community service, school involvement, or talent. Some are based on financial need as determined by the results of your FAFSA.


Here’s where you can find scholarships:

  • ScholarshipQuest at EducationQuest.org houses over 2,000 Nebraska-based scholarships. After you create a profile, you’ll be matched with scholarships that fit your criteria.
  • Your school counselor’s office. Visit regularly to check on local and national awards.
  • The college you plan to attend. Contact the school for a list of scholarships they provide and application procedures.
  • National search sites such as College Board, Peterson’s, and Chegg.  
  • Other resources could include your coach, clubs and organizations, and your parents’ employers and civic organizations.


Click here for more details about scholarships and tips to help you complete a successful application.


Follow us on social media and you might win a $500 scholarship!

Nebraska students in grades 9-12 are encouraged to follow EducationQuest on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a chance to win a $500 Get Social Scholarship.


Each time EducationQuest reaches specific follower milestones on our social media pages, we’ll invite current and new followers to enter into a drawing for a $500 scholarship. We’ll conduct a:

  • Facebook drawing when we hit 7,750 followers
  • Twitter drawing when we hit 3,750 followers
  • Instagram drawing when we hit 1,500 followers


EducationQuest will continue to award $500 Get Social Scholarships each time we reach an additional 500 followers on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Click here for more details.



February “To Do” List



___ If you haven’t already, complete the FAFSA.

___ Expect financial aid award notifications from the colleges you listed on your FAFSA.

___ Apply for scholarships.



For free help with college planning, contact EducationQuest Foundation:


Omaha   Lincoln                     Kearney Scottsbluff

402-391-4033        402-475-5222        308-234-6310        800-303-3745 ext. 6654              

888-357-6300        800-303-3745        800-666-3721    




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Your Journey to College Begins with Us



Your Senior year is winding down!  Enjoy the memories you are making during this time and enjoy the small things in life.  Prepare for college as much as you can by following the checklists and doing your best.  Continue to work hard and finish your Senior year at Plainview High School!!



“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Happy Planning!

Mrs. Arehart

K-12 School Counselor

Plainview Public School

Junior Note for January 2019

From: Mrs. Arehart


January 2019


Winter break: a good time for college prep!

Take advantage of free time over the holidays to do some prep work for college. Here are a few things you can do!


Juniors, prepare for the ACT

All Nebraska high school juniors will take the ACT Test this spring. If you need extra ACT Test Prep, you can get materials from Mrs. Arehart, and then log in on your own time. 



Yes, even as a Junior, there are a few select scholarships available to you as Juniors.  Check my website on the national scholarships, and see if there are any you can apply for.  They will say “Junior” right after the name of the scholarship. 


Update your Activities Resume

Education Quest has a free Activities Resume, which is an easy way to track your extracurricular activities, accomplishments, volunteer work, and part-time jobs. The information is then readily available when you apply for scholarships and employment.  Start now, so you are trying to think of things your Senior year.


College Visit

You get 1 college visit excused your Junior year.  Pick up a form within a week in advance and fill this information out.  You can call the college yourself and schedule a visit or I can help you schedule one. 



In addition to giving back to your community, your volunteer work can lead to scholarship opportunities. Make sure you track your involvement on your Activities Resume.  Christmas break is a great time to do this.




__ Update your Activities Resume.

__ Check out ACT prep resources.

__ Register by January 11 for the February 9 ACT.

__ Register by February 8 for the March 9 SAT.




For free help with college planning, contact EducationQuest Foundation:


Omaha             Lincoln            Kearney           Scottsbluff

402-391-4033   402-475-5222   308-234-6310   800-303-3745 ext. 6654              

888-357-6300   800-303-3745   800-666-3721    




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Your Journey to College Begins with Us

Happy Planning!


Mrs. Arehart

K-12 School Counselor

Plainview Public School