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What is Genius Hour?
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Last year an inquiry-based pilot program was launched in the library for grades 7-8 called Genius Hour. It became popular among the students to voluntarily attend and participate in the pilot program. Initially Google used this format to promote creativity among its workers and one of the things that came out of Genius Hour was gmail. Workers were allowed 20% of their time to investigate an idea they were passionate about. Schools latched onto this template and began to implement it in their classrooms. PES has deployed it in the LLC. There are 3 rules for this individualized, non- graded, project: 1. there must be a question that cannot be answered with a simple Google search, 2. there must be research, and 3. the process or final project must be shared. This year we are continuing to implement in the 6-8 grades with Ms. Magario and the 2nd grade with Mrs. Lee is piloting with great success. Please follow us on the blogs to see how we are growing. We welcome community involvement so feel free to contact us.

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Here's what we have learned from the January Question of the Month.

We asked, which social media sites would you like the school to use to stay in touch with the community?

The results were:
Facebook  35%
Instagram 19%
Google+ 16%
Twitter 16%
None 16%
You Tube 1%

Our next question of the month is posted.

Mission Statement

As a community of learners, our educational mission in Plainfield is to support and expect academic excellence while building character, self-confidence and enthusiasm for life long learning.