The Teacher Quality (TQ) program was established to promote high student achievement. 
This program consists of four major elements:
    1) Mentoring and induction programs that provide support for beginning teachers.
    2) Career paths with compensation levels that strengthen Iowa's ability to recruit and retain teachers.
    3) Professional development designed to directly support best teaching practices
    4) Evaluation of teachers against the Iowa teaching standards.

For a short video with the Top 10 Things you need to know about TQ, click here.

Funding requests for professional development can be submitted to the committee for consideration.  Applications are due to Deb Gade no later than the Wednesday at midnight before the next meeting.
    The committee is comprised of three administrative staff members and three licensed staff members.  The current committee members are:
    Administrative Staff Members:
  • Jeff Herzberg
  • Chris Wells
  • Linda Spencer
    Licensed Staff Members:
  • Shelley Conover
  • Kathy Rhode
  • Kim Johnson

The meeting dates and facilitators for 2017-2018:

  • 8/28/17-Wells
  • 9/25/17-Spencer
  • 10/23/17-Rhode
  • 11/27/17- Johnson
  • 1/22/18-Herzberg
  • 2/26/18-Conover
  • 3/26/18- Wells
  • 4/23/18-Spencer
  • 5/29/18-Rhode