Learning Supports Overview

Some students display learning, behavioral, physical, and social-emotional needs that interfere with their ability to participate fully and effectively in school environments and benefit from the instruction teachers provide.

Learning Supports are the wide range of strategies, programs, services, and practices that can enhance student learning.  Learning supports:

  • promote core learning and healthy development for all students,
  • are proactive to prevent problems for students at-risk and serve as early interventions and supplemental support for students that have barriers to learning,
  • address the complex, intensive needs of some students.
In Prairie Lakes AEA, the vision for learning supports is to establish and sustain a comprehensive system of supports in which schools, families and communities collaborate to remove barriers and promote success for all learners.
Four results, identified by the Iowa Department of Education, are utilized to more clearly communicate this vision:
  • to be successful in school
  • to be healthy and socially competent
  • to be prepared for productive adulthood; and
  • to be in safe, supportive schools, families and communities.
The Prairie Lakes AEA Learning Supports Team is dedicated to assisting schools in creating the conditions for learning that result in high student performance.  Click here to find a listing of PLAEA  Learning Supports Team Members.

When implementing a comprehensive system of Learning Supports, the district/school establishes a continuum of quality strategies, programs, services and practices to support student learning with a focus on the following:
A.    The six content areas of Learning Supports
B.    Establishment of a three-tiered intervention framework within each of the 6 content areas (Core/Universal, Targeted, Intensive)
C.    Alignment with district/school and state result areas