Welcome to the Prairie Lakes AEA SW-PBIS site!  We hope that you find the information contained here helpful in your efforts to implement SW-PBIS in your school. 

Growth Mindset: This link to Fixed vs. Growth: The Two Basic Mindsets That Shape Our Lives takes you to an article that provides some basic information on Carol Dweck's work on mindset.

Fundraising Ideas: 

  • Box Tops (and other labels that can be turned in for funds & resources) 

Staff Involvement: Clicking on: Building School Culture 1 Relationship At A Time takes you to a short blog post by a school administrator that features Five Simple Ways to Involve Teachers in Building Your School Culture.  Some of his ideas might be useful for PBIS teams when discussing sustainability.

Iowa PBIS Winter Newsletter:  Click here to read the latest PBIS newsletter for the state of Iowa!

Resource for Sample Cool Tools - Wisconsin PBIS Network:  Cool Tools are lesson plans used to teach the school's behavior expectations - they teach all the students what is expected of them and what that looks like. Throughout the school year, new lessons should be taught to all students. Selection, creation, and priority for which lessons are taught should be based on your school's data.  The Wisconsin PBIS Network has collected cool tools from their PBIS schools and has posted them to this site

Information on ClassDoJo:  Education Week has an article on ClassDoJo:  Currently boasting more than four million teacher and student users, Sam Chaudhary's ClassDojo enables teachers to easily monitor and track student behaviors in real time.  Teachers can award points for students who demonstrate positive actions like participating in class discussion and document negative behaviors like calling out in class. Using this data, ClassDojo allows teachers to create personalized behavior report cards for students to share with parents and guardians.  For more of the article, which includes a link to the ClassDoJo site, click here.

SWIS Data & Student Records:  A question recently came up regarding whether SWIS data should be included with other educational records that are forwarded to another school as part of a records request.  According to SWIS headquarters at the University of Oregon, any records requests should follow  school and/or district policies. They do not recommend sending student data from SWIS unless the school has specifically requested it. They have found students behave very differently in different schools, locations, buildings, with different staff and thus do not believe the records should always follow. Specific policies regarding data and data requests are made by the school/district.


The 2017 - 2018 Training Dates can be found by clicking on that heading in the left sidebar.  Coaches meeting dates are also listed under Coaches Corner.

The Learning Earnings information is found under Coaches Corner, Resources for PBIS Coaches.

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