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The goal of the project is to provide an innovative support for creative work of mobile knowledge workers in an international business environment. It is envisaged that user’s creativity will be enhanced by the use of collaboration tools and knowledge management tools that express a businessman’s mental map of his international environment. Collaboration tools will include standard workspaces, whiteboards, notice boards, brainstorming, group communication using teleconferences or videoconferences, e-mail, instant messaging and other communication media as well as several connected contextual networks. The combination of these functions operating on specific data constitutes a Creative Environment.

The innovation of this project comes with introduction of a traversable/query-able “Three Dimensional Network” (3DN) - the social network of persons, the network of associated organisations and the network of the relevant competences and products. Those three layers of data are strongly connected through many-to-many relationships that form an abstraction of the business environment. Such data collection supported by smart visualisation will allow businessmen to search for contacts using competence profiles and trust thresholds in the context either of product, company or partners. The element of trust will be calculated on the basis of contextual recommendations that will be created and stored during collaborative work by contributing partners in the dedicated Creative Environment.

Knowledge workers may be mobile, and geographically distributed, yet the Creative Environment should be ubiquitous and accessible at all times, in order to support creativity. This requirement will be achieved by letting the Creative Environment run on mobile devices such as smartphones or PDAs, as well as on desktop PCs, and by using a P2P layer that does not assume 24/7 access to a server infrastructure. The use of P2P-SIP on top of the P2P overlay will facilitate communication functionality, and an additional middleware layer will be responsible for security, reliability and basic collaboration functions used by the Creative Environment. A P2P underlay will realize substrates like persistent storage, indexing, information dissemination and group communication which are traditionally and trivially achieved using a dedicated infrastructure. While there are mature technologies in a completely wired network of PCs, these problems poses new challenges in a mobile heterogeneous environment.

The combination of the Collaboration Tools  and of the 3DN, designed and developed in this project, has the potential to create a unique functionality that will foster the development of new, agile business collaborations in order to enhance the creativity of work and product innovation. Mobile devices that use the Creative Environment will have the potential to partially automate the social interaction process and word of mouth recommendations, thus providing opportunities of encounters for professionals to identify potential business partners with matching interests, skills and a social web-of-trust style guarantee of quality.