Welcome to Mrs Parker's

 Speech/Language Therapy Page

Welcome to my Speech/Language Therapy Page!  Let me introduce myself, I am Mrs. Parker and I am a Speech Pathologist that works in both ASK Elementary and the Port Jervis Middle School.  This page was designed to help both the parents and the teachers become more informed on the requirements of receiving Speech/language services and activities that can reinforce learned techniques within therapy.  I have compiled websites from a variety of sources that I hope will help answer any questions that you may have. 

Helpful Web Sites

The following is a list of helpful websites that I have discovered over time.  I will attempt to keep them up-to-date 

Now that the holidays are over and we are finally all back to school we can start again on some good goals for the New Year!  We have some quality time between now and the start of the testing season to get to work on some of our more challenging tasks!  Over the holidays and into January I have focused on improving vocabulary skills and memory with most of my groups!  It is a challenge when children do not come to school regularly.  I have found that Speech progress is made when attendance is good!  I run my groups on a monthly theme and they learn best when they are here to receive all the information.

I am also starting to focus my attention on expanding sentence structures to include pronoun use with my kindergarten groups.  It is so important that they start to understand the concepts of personal pronouns: he/she/they and the difference between the use of I/me.  

When working with my older children we are always returning to the use/comprehension of figurative language-Those silly figures of speech that are seen in more advanced books/literature.  Sayings that dont really mean what they say.  Ask your child what they are doing in speech....hopefully they will tell you!  

I also look forward to hearing from any parents!  I would love to get some feedback and maybe I can work on a need you have at home!