Here you will be working on an exciting project that will give you a great chance at completing Unit 1 towards your first ICT qualification.

You have been employed as an administrative assistant by a secondary school. You will use your ICT skills to carry out three tasks.
  1. Help plan an educational trip for Year 8.
  2. Create a presentation for new members of staff so they can learn how to use the new school email system and many of its new features.
  3. Create two memos to raise awareness of safe working practices while using ICT.
To get started you will first need to decide which department you want to link your trip to and research three possible places with suitable links to the subject for the trip.

Decide on three possible trips and use a spreadsheet to work out how much it will cost each pupil to go on the trip.
You will search the database to find how many pupils can go.

Then you will use the information you have found out so far to carry out a survey to find out which is the most popular trip destination.

You will then prepare a range of documents
for the staff and students to assist in the organisation of the trip. These will include a range of word processed and / or desktop published documents. You will also update and use a database to find and present specific information.

You will research safe working practices when using ICT
and present your research as two memos for the health and safety co-ordinator and the network manager.

You will create a presentation
to help new administration staff learn how to use the new email system in a business context.

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