Classroom News- May-June

 Third Graders are awesome!
Up-coming events:  
To Help your child be successful in third grade: please read with them for 20 minutes everyday. Practice place value, addition with regrouping, and subtraction with regrouping.  These are very important skills to having a successful third grade experience!

During these final weeks of school we have many exciting events:
Language Arts Smarter Balanced Assessments-May 23rd and 24th
Memorial Day Celebration- May 26th
Map/NWEA Assessments (math and L.A) -June 1st and 2nd
Exhibition Night -June 9th
Field Day - June 15th
Field Trip to Monshire Children's Museum- June 21st

Sneaker reminder: Your child will have P.E. one day in a 5 day cycle and is required to wear sneakers. Our specials will be in the afternoon from 1:30-2:15. 
Math:  One of the most important math concepts third graders learn, and are expected to master by the end of third grade, is multiplication facts through 100 (10 x 10). It is never too early to buy some flashcards and have your child practice facts at home!  

Reading: During these last weeks of school students will be reading about force and the midwest/southeast regions.

Writing: Students will be writing about the earth's magnetosphere, creating stories using dialogue and researching for their project to be presented at the Exhibition night.

Science/Social Studies: We will be completing our unit on force and the food web.  Students will learn about the remaining two regions in the United States(midwest and southeast).

Responsive Classroom: The first six weeks of school is an important time for establishing a classroom community through the following:
  • creating a climate of warmth and safety
  • teaching the schedule and routines of the school day and our expectations for behavior
  • introducing students to the classroom and school environment and materials, and teaching students how to use and care for them
  • establishing expectations about ways we will learn together throughout the year
*****Be sure to look for the  Purple Folder letter coming home every Friday******