Classroom News- Week of June 23-24

We will miss our Third Graders!
Our last day of school it Tuesday, June 24th.  It will be an early release day.  It is both a sad day and an exciting day for all of us!  We hope that everyone has a safe and fun summer!  We will "See you in September"
Your third grade teachers

Sneaker reminder: Your child will have P.E. one day a week and is required to wear sneakers. Mrs. Elliott's class will have P.E. on Thursdays and Mrs. Rowley's class will be in P.E. on Wednesday.
Math: All students have taken a pre-assessment of math skills needed for fourth grade.  We will be focusing on the skills that our third graders show that they are in need of strengthening.  Please help your child continue to practice the multiplication facts at home.  We are working on 9's ,4's (Which is doubling), 6's, 7's and 8's.  All third graders need to be secure with their multiplication facts before entering fourth grade.  It is important for them to have this basic skill in order to do more complicated computation next year!!
Reading/Science:  We are studying animal senses and all kinds of animals.  We are comparing animal senses to human senses.  We will be learning about all kinds of animals: mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fish, and  insects and discussing how they are similar and different.

Writing: We are writing about the South west Region of the United States. 

Social Studies: We are using maps of the South west Region of the United States and identifying land formations and what products are manufactured in this region.  We are also identifying major attractions and creating a Key for our map information. 

Responsive Classroom: The first six weeks of school is an important time for establishing a classroom community through the following:
  • creating a climate of warmth and safety
  • teaching the schedule and routines of the school day and our expectations for behavior
  • introducing students to the classroom and school environment and materials, and teaching students how to use and care for them
  • establishing expectations about ways we will learn together throughout the year
*****Be sure to look for the  Purple Folder letter coming home every Friday******