Classroom News- March 14-18

 Third Graders are awesome!
Up-coming events:  
To Help your child be successful in third grade: please read with them for 20 minutes everyday. Practice place value, addition with regrouping, and subtraction with regrouping.  These are very important skills to having a successful third grade experience!

This week is very exciting in third grade!!
All week we will be working with the Artist in Residence, Circus Smurkus!  On Friday at 1:30 we will have an All School Showcase!  
Our Project Based -Country Fair will be held on Friday 12:30-1:15!
We would love to have you join us for these exciting events!

Sneaker reminder: Your child will have P.E. one day in a 5 day cycle and is required to wear sneakers. Our specials will be in the afternoon from 1:30-2:15. 
Math:  One of the most important math concepts third graders learn, and are expected to master by the end of third grade, is multiplication facts through 100 (10 x 10). It is never too early to buy some flashcards and have your child practice facts at home!  

Reading: This month students will be reading about endangered animals and writing opinion pieces.

Writing: Students have been working on the writing process.  They are drafting stories, editing, revising, peer editing and publishing.

Social Studies: Students will begin their study of the regions in the United States.  We are studying the west region.  We will be discussing the diversity of this region and conducting arctic animal research.

Science: We will be focusing on Arctic animals and ways that animals adapt to their environments.

Responsive Classroom: The first six weeks of school is an important time for establishing a classroom community through the following:
  • creating a climate of warmth and safety
  • teaching the schedule and routines of the school day and our expectations for behavior
  • introducing students to the classroom and school environment and materials, and teaching students how to use and care for them
  • establishing expectations about ways we will learn together throughout the year
*****Be sure to look for the  Purple Folder letter coming home every Friday******