Classroom News-October 2016

Important Dates and Information
October 18-Picture Day
October 19-Early Release

Scholastic Book Orders 
Order online with class code- MKNWY

Math- We are working on Competency 1:Student is able to generate equivalent algebraic expressions, solve one variable linear equations and inequalities.

Science- We will be exploring the importance of soil.

Language Arts-  We have begun our first unit on Personal Narratives ("Memoirs").  Our essential questions for this unit are: 
  • What are the elements of a personal narrative?

  • How can a writer use these elements and writing techniques to engage the reader by clearly describing an important event and how it has changed the author?

  • Why is it important for a writer to use figurative language, transitions, and logical sequencing when creating a personal narrative?

Social Studies-  We will begin or studies with United States Industry and Immigration in the late 1800's.  These topics will provide the basis for one of our argumentative writing assessments.