Classroom News-January 2016

No School- Martin Luther King Day January 18th

Quarter 2 ends January 29th

Scholastic Book Orders
Order online with class code- MKNWY

Math- We are working on Competency 2- Student is able to compute whole-number, multi-digit decimals and fraction operations using the standard algorithms.

Science- We are learning about our Earth changes and landforms are formed overtime.
Language Arts-  After completing their personal narratives, students will begin a unit on reading and writing informational texts.  By the end of this unit, students will independently be able to apply their knowledge of gathering, synthesizing, and integrating information in order to demonstrate mastery by creating written summaries of informational texts as well as writing a research piece based on a U.S. history topic. 

 Social Studies-  Students are learning about industry and immigration in the United States from 1865 to 1914.  The essential question is: "How do science and technology affect society?"