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Classroom News for November 2015

Special News! 

 The Second Grade Rock Museum will be on display beginning Monday, November 9th, 2015 and will remain up through the Thanksgiving holiday break.

We are continuing with Topic 5, which is is focused on place value. Up to this point we have been working with numbers under 20. Now we ramp it up! Your child will be learning to use place value as a strategy for solving addition and subtraction problems to 100. You have received information about your child's  account where they can practice addition and subtraction facts both at school and at home. You will also receive information about logging into the site that will contain copies of the homework assigned and links to games and homework helpers. You can see the same video that your child sees at school, print out copies of the homework, play games, and use the interactive glossary to help your child with homework. 

Reading:  We are now continuing to study nonfiction text features like bold faced type, diagrams, maps, and indexes. The students will be learning to identify and use these features to make efficient use of informational text. We will connect the 5Ws to nonfiction as well. Students will be asked to compare and contrast two texts on the same topic. We expect that your child will read at home for 15 minutes a day. You can record the number of minutes on the daily homework log. We will track the number of minutes read each week. We also have a self-selected reading time here at school. We use this time for individual reading conferences and for teaching your child to choose appropriate books on their own. The expectation for second grade is that your child will be able to read a self-selected book independently for 30 minutes by the end of the year. This week we are beginning to administer the DRA tests to determine your child's growth during the first quarter. The results will be shared with you at parent/teacher conferences in November. 

Word Block :  Please refer to your individual teachers homework log for Fundations homework. We will be sending home the parent letter and trick word flash cards for Unit 5. These trick words can be drilled each day during the break.

Writing: We continuing the writing process. Students are being introduced to revising and editing using an editor's checklist. Ask your child what editing marks they have learned. We are watching to see if the work we do in Fundations is transferring to their writing skills. It is expected that your child can write 3-5 sentences about a single topic using beginning capital letters and ending punctuation during a daily 10-15 minute independent writing time during this quarter. 

Science: The museum is up! There is a large display of student work outside the second grade classrooms. There are some fine specimens of rock in display in the library as well. Be sure to sign our guest book. The display will be up through the Thanksgiving holiday break.  

Reminders:  We are using a five day block schedule. This means that specials are not always on the same day of the week, but are always in the same order. See our class schedules for the order for your class.

Students are outside in the morning and it is getting chilly! Students are welcome to leave a pair of sneakers in their cubbies over the winter months. This way they have them for physical education classes and are not forgotten at home.