Classroom News

Classroom News for the week of April 14th - 18th, 2014

Math: We have finished unit 9 on measurement. We will be reviewing and assessing this week. Due to such a short week we will not be starting a new unit before vacation. However, some teachers may decide to send home some review homework this week. Please see your teachers homework log for more information.  Also, remember to visit for fact practice, use a deck of cards to play math games, and go to to practice second grade standards.

Reading: We are continuing the 5Ws of a nonfiction text. We are using historical timelines and books about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Students will practice identifying the 5Ws of a person's life by reading and discussing those presidents' biographies. They will also work on sequencing and making connections between historical events.  Students are developing good collaboration skills, learning some new strategies for decoding unknown words, and continuing to work on our goal of 30 minutes of sustained silent reading by June. 

Word Block: This week we will not be having any new word wall words due to such a short week. However, we will be doing review games and activities in class with words already covered. This also means that teachers may decide to send home review homework. Please see your teachers homework log for more information.

Writing: We are nearing the conclusion of our narrative unit. Students are in the midst of revising, editing, and publishing either a personal experience or problem/solution piece. Students have written strong story beginnings and endings and have used temporal words (first, next, after that, etc.) to help sequence their events. They have also learned how to use their senses to provide detail in describing a character or event. Students are using netbooks to type and print, and some students have begun their illustrations.

Science: We continue our Human Identity Unit. Students are now reading about a common illness, and working as a team to report out their learning by creating a poster. Students will learn about the symptoms, treatment, and prevention of a common illness (earaches, head lice, allergies, chickenpox, or pinkeye). Later in the unit we will learn about staying healthy, focus on the stages of human life, and discuss human survival needs. 

ReminderPlease make sure students come to school dressed properly for the weather. Boots will be the last thing to go as the weather warms up. We can begin using the playground sooner if students continue to wear their boots through mud season. We encourage children to leave a pair of sneakers here at school during boot weather if possible. That way, they are always ready for P.E. and will not be wearing wet, muddy shoes or heavy boots inside the building.