Curriculum and Assessments at Pittsfield Elementary School

2013-2014 Goal: Have ELA, Math and UA courses mapped in Atlas, with assessments for each standard. Timeline can be found here

2013-2014 Goal: While we are working to ensure we are assessing each standard, we will highlight focus standards to be assessed as QPAs (Quality Performance Assessments). This will allow for deeper, real world assessment of student's knowledge and application of skills. 

  • Focus standards for the school year: 
  • RI. X.1 Key Ideas and Details (Aspects across the grades: Answering the 5Ws, quoting from the text, asking questions, referring to the text for answers.
  • W. X. 2 Text Types and Purposes (Aspects across the grades: Informative/Explanatory Texts including: naming a topic, listing facts from the story, conveying information and ideas clearly).