Classroom News

Welcome to Preschool!

In case your child is singing a silly song "Pop-See-Ko", you can check it out yourself and sing along! Or sing along to Usher's ABC song, it's a little fast but really catchy! Lastly, we've been practicing "Belly Breaths" a lot to help when we're upset, check it out!

Wondering how to learn and play with your child at home? Check out this link that lays out why play is important and the key strategies to enhance the value of play! For students entering kindergarten next fall, families can check out the NH Kindergarten Readiness Indicators. These are all things we are working on daily in the classroom and your children have shown tremendous growth so far this school year. 

Check out ABC bingo! Depending on what your child knows, you can alter the game. If your child knows less than 10 letters, I suggest doing the 3x3 frame. If your child knows all their upper case letters, try out the lower case letters. If they know both, try out the letter sounds! Always start at an easier level and increase difficulty slowly to make your child interested and challenged!

iPad Apps and Technology Tips!
**Want to develop your child's fine motor skills while they play on the iPad or iPhone? Create a stylus using items around your house! When they use it, remind them to how to appropriately grip their stylus. 
  • Bitsboard is my new favorite app for learning vocabulary through fun games! 
  • Check out Heidi Songs on YouTube (follow her on Facebook and she posts some great free apps(for the day) and audiobooks every so often)
  • Letter School app is a fun interactive letter app (costs $4.99)
  • Writing Wizard app is also great for learning how to write letters (costs $2.99)
  • Tiggly Apps are also fun and work with shapes and numbers (some free)
  • 123Tracer (free and wonderful!), UmiNumbers from UmiZoomi
  • AlphaTots app is great for learning the letters and letter sounds and TallyTots app is great for learning the numerals and matching quantities!
  • Appsgonefree has daily apps that are free that day and some are great!