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Hi!   Welcome to the site for Ms. Armour's Physical Science Course!

Waves (Nov-Jan)

Chemistry (Jan-March)

Mechanics (March - June)

SparkVue2 - HowTO Video

The LEFT side of this page links to each unit...   If you're trying to find out what you missed in class, or how to move ahead, you want those unit links. 

The  "PSC-Files" tab above takes you to the PSC Google folder, with all the practice pages, assignment notes, etc...

We have now COMPLETED class time for the following competencies:
C9 - EM
C8 - Waves

If you are not currently passing these competencies, you MAY still earn course credit this year by completing summer competency recovery.  To be eligible for recovery, you must pass FIVE of the nine course competencies by the end of the scheduled school year.

If you are a senior expecting to graduate this year, I will work with you afterschool during the rest of the school year to complete competency recovery, but YOU must initiate it.

If you set up a competency recovery plan by meeting with me within a week of receiving your final mark on a closed competency, then you should work that plan.  If you miss the plan deadlines, you will have to set up a summer comp recovery plan instead.