What is numeracy?

(This site can be found with the direct link or from the school webpage [Academic -> Curriculum]. Thanks Jen!)

PMHS Faculty worked to come to a common understanding of numeracy. 

Points from our elevator speeches:
  • quantitative literacy
  • habits of mind
  • logical arguements
  • evaluating risks
  • meeting the demands of life
  • ability to use mathematics to meet general demands
  • use math every day, use in different situations, reinforce; connections
  • logical reasoning, meaning of numbers, real world problems,
  • identify, apply and use what I know to meet general demands
Numeracy is:
  • using logic (if...then...)
  • real life 
  • applying problem solving skills
  • not just math computation
  • the collection and use of data
  • in daily use- we need to highlight where it happens

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