Classroom News

Happy President's Day!

We will be celebrating the 100th day of school soon!  Please be thinking about a project that shows 100 of something that you can bring in to school to share. (100 noodles, buttons, stickers, etc.)  Currently looking like the 100th day will fall on Monday, February 16, 2015.

The ABC Kindness Club's Spirit Week

1 PJ day Monday, Feb. 16th

2 Hat day Tuesday, Feb. 17th

3 Career Day Wednesday, Feb. 18th

4 Super Hero Day Thursday, Feb. 19th

5 Sports day Friday, Feb. 20th

Please label all backpacks and lunch boxes on the outside with your child's name!!!
Please provide a beverage for lunch and/or snack or you have the option of buying lunch and/or snack milk (put money in an envelope labeled with what you want for your child).

Classrooms Wish List:  elmer's glue, glue sticks, thin dry erase markers!

P.E. (gym) is on Wednesday for Coombs, Thursday for McCue, and Friday for Dyer, please wear sneakers. (sneakers are a good idea everyday as we will occasionally go outside to explore)

Math:  Addition and Subtraction     

Reading:  Shared Reading and Guided Reading

Writing:  Nonfiction Writing (looking closely like scientists)

Science:  Seasons, Weather

Social Studies:  We are currently working on a Classroom Community unit.  This will be followed by a unit on school community and then Pittsfield community.
We will learn the Responsive Classroom social curriculum and build a community of learners.