Fourth Grade Scholars

Important Dates:
  • March 13 Daylight Savings
  • March 16 Early release
  • March 17 St. Patrick's Day

Weekly Specials:
                Mr. Lewis                Mrs. Lewis
A Day     Library                     Music
B Day     Music                        Art
C Day     Art                              P.E.
D Day    P.E.                            Lab                      
E Day     Lab                             Library 

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Enter code: N764X

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What we are doing:

Math homework will be sent home each night.  Please check the homework folder for this worksheet.
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class code is 42bb56
xtramath: class code CM9S3P4X

Reading:  Students are learning how to identify point of view, authors purpose, and persuasive techniques used in a text. Students will also be learning about non-fiction text features, structural elements, and comparing and contrasting texts on the same topic or subject.  Students are setting fluency goals and learning how to track and work towards achieving those goals.

Writing: Students are writing informational pieces in writing. 

Spelling: Students will get weekly spelling words to study.  There will be an assessment on Friday of these words.  Some students may be working with these words in another way with their teacher during the school day.

Social Studies: Students will be learning about Colonial settlement and lifestyle.  We will then be moving into Government.

Science: Students will partake in several STEM exercises and perform some experiments. This month we are focusing on energy.