2016-2017 4th Grade News and Announcements

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Math: We continued to work on multiplication in topic 6. Students are focusing on Arrays, Algorithms and multiplying by 1,2,3, and 4 digit numbers! Additionally, the students have been practicing solving these problems using "mental math."

Reading We will be moving into informational texts. Students will look at how a nonfiction piece is constructed as well as learn how to use a nonfiction piece to ask and answer questions. 

Writing: Students are writing their personal narratives. Students will learn about figurative language such as similes, metaphors and idioms.  This unit will also take the students though the writing process. At the end, students will have a personal narrative in which they have published by hand or electronically.

Science: We have conducted a few experiments that have focused on the changes on the earths surface. All of the experiments and work that we do are in preparation for our Science Pace Performance Task which we hope to begin teaching next week.


As the weather gets colder, please make sure students are coming to school properly dressed. Fourth grade students are only allowed to play on the field if they have boots and snow pants on.


F.Y.I: We are using a four day block schedule. This means that specials are not always on the same day of the week, but are always in the same order. See our class schedules for the order for your class. Also, please make sure your child has appropriate footwear on the days they have P.E.