2017-2018 4th Grade News and Announcements

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Learning a lot in 4th grade!  

Math: We are continuing to break down fractions. We have discussed: Factors, Prime and Composite Numbers, Multiples and Equivalent Fractions. We will be moving into Comparing and Ordering fractions next.    

Reading: We are continuing our ELA groups. My group has been focusing in summarizing a text they have read.

Writing: We are writing persuasive pieces. Students first had persuade their audience which is better: Cats or Dogs? Then, students were able to choose a topic and complete a persuasive essay independently.

Social Studies: We are learning about New Hampshire and creating NH maps. We will also discuss NH government in preparation for our field trip to the State House.

Science: We are investigating how the different types of erosion effect the earths surface. We conducted a science task in which studets had to help keep beach dunes from eroding away.  


Please make sure to return the State House field trip forms!

Important Dates:

3/14  Early Release-School ends at 11:30