Welcome to Foundations in Art and Ceramics at 
Taconic High School!


The Foundations in Art program at Taconic is a first year art class which provides the beginning art student with the core curriculum of studies in drawing, 2D design, painting, ceramics, 3D design, and art appreciation in order to help students achieve a basic understanding and appreciation of art.


This class, a second year art class at Taconic, is an introduction to the basic hand-building, glazing and firing techniques used when working with clay.  We will touch upon the history of ceramics as an art form, what clay is and where it comes from. There will be an emphasis on basic hand-building techniques, surface treatment and function, as well as the development of creativity.  The pottery wheel will also be introduced.  By the end of the year, students will have completed several functional and decorative pieces.


Honors ceramics is a continuation of Intensive Ceramics.  Students will be challenged to explore hand-building and wheel throwing techniques more in depth.  Independent study within each student's interests will be encouraged.  By the end of the course, students are expected to execute each of the hand-building techniques with proficiency.