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PPS Student Google Accounts

        User names: YearGraduate FirstInitial LastName@pittsfield.net              for example:   15KSmith@pittsfield.net
        Password:  pps LunchNumber                                                                            for example:  pps012345    
        Link for Gmail Login Screen:  https://mail.google.com/mail

Google Classroom - Posting of daily agenda and materials for all classes 
  • Each of my courses has its own Google Classroom.  You should look in your school email for an invitation to join your class.
  • You will find daily postings with our agenda and links to assignments.  
  • On occasion students will be required to complete assignments using google classroom. 
  • Google Classroom Help Page for Students:  https://support.google.com/edu/classroom/topic/6163290?hl=en&ref_topic=6020269 

Electronic Textbooks
Holt Modern Biology - pdf file
  • Due to copy wright law only students enrolled in course may access pdf file.
  • To access file please log into your PPS Gmail account.
Physics First Book, first edition - ebook
  • In class we use hard copies of the second edition.  Thus the page numbers of the ebook may not matchup with the hard copy you are using in class. 
  • To use the etext please reference the topic covered in class NOT the page numbers.
  • Chapter review and section questions may differ in ebook from the hard copy.  Please use the copies of book questions posted in google classroom, not those in the ebook to complete assignments.
Electronically Submitting Assignments

Pick the proper format and decide how to send or share it.

 QS - What type of file format should I use?

Sharing Files in Google Docs - posted on YouTube by Google

Google Docs: Create or upload/ save your document in  Google Docs.  Then share the documents with others.
  • All documents start out as private, when you first create a document only you may view/edit it.
  • You may choose to share a document.  There are 2 options:
    1. Share with anyone with the link:  you would then have to send the link to those you wish to grant access to.
    2. Share with anyone on the web.  Anyone with internet could find and view the document.
  • You have the option to allow those you share the document with to view only or view and edit the document.
So how would I share a document with Ms. Costello?
  • I recommend you use Google Documents feature of  the Gmail account PPS made for you to create, edit and share your work
  • Create the google doc,  then share it with me.  Click here for detailed instructions or view the video posted to the right.  
  • Don't forget to name your google document.  I suggest using YOUR NAME ASSIGNMENT TITLE, for example:    KateSmithScientificMethodEssay
  • You may email me a document as an attachment.  RTF, PDF, DOC, DOCX are all fine.  Just be sure the file is actually attached (not just pasted in the body of the email).  Please use the Gmail account PPS set up for you and be sure to use a logical file name.  I suggest:  YOUR NAME ASSIGNMENT TITLE, for example:    KateSmithScientificMethodEssay

Rich text file formatting (RTF) is a type of document format that can be read and edited by many different word processors. Its file extension is .rtf. This type of file is excellent for essays or papers that do not have a lot of special formatting or images. Be sure once you save your file as rich text, you close and reopen it to confirm that the document looks as you want it to.  This type of file can be shared via email attachment or USB (pen) drive.

Portable Document Format (PDF) ensures your printed or viewed file retains the formatting that you intended and that data in the file cannot easily be changed. The PDF format is a great choice for any assignment that requires graphics or special formatting (power points and the like).  This type of file can be shared via email attachment or USB (pen) drive.

Back up all files
  • Easy ways to do this include: using a USB (pen) drive, online file storage (google offers this for free) or email it to yourself.
  • Its your job to back up your data. Don't be the student retyping a 10 page paper inorder to correct a few errors in their first draft because they "LOST" their data.