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            “Education is the most powerful weapon which you
              can use to change the World.” ~Nelson Mandela

Just a few notes...

Successful Science Students:

  • are organized.  They keep an agenda of tasks to complete (or a small notebook/digital file listing or scheduling out time to complete tasks)
  • do not attempt to multi-task.
  • divide their work-load into 'chunks' - making smaller, more manageable goals.  (reward yourself when you complete).
  • get a good night's sleep.
  • have a schedule.  Figure out when you are at your *most productive* and use that time to concentrate on your school-work.  When you figure out what works, stick with it!
  • take notes.  Taking notes keeps you engaged in class and it allows you to focus down the chapter content. 
  • don't try to cram.  Review content daily to ensure you understand the required information.
  • maintain a distraction-free study space
  • have a study group.  Find a group of friends who are learning the same things as you - it's a great way to review confusing class content or prepare for a big test. Remember, teaching someone else is the best way to learn.
  • ask questions.  They ask questions of the peers and their teachers


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