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Conjugaisons (pour trouver la forme correcte du verbe) :

le présent = the present tense (e.g., je joue au foot - I play soccer, I'm playing soccer)

l'imparfait = the imperfect tense [past] (e.g., je jouais au foot - I was playing soccer, I used to play soccer)

le futur simple = the future tense (e.g., je jouerai au foot l'anné prochaine - I will play soccer next year)

le passé composé = the simple past tense (e.g., j'ai joué au foot hier - I played soccer yesterday)

le conditionnel = the conditional tense (e.g., je jouerais au foot si je pouvais courir - I would play soccer if I could run)

TENSES (examples of verb tenses, to help you figure out which verb form to use from the wordreference conjugation table) :

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