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Accelerated Math--- Each student has been given a goal to master by the end of the nine weeks.  This will count as a test grade.  It is imperative that your student works on AM at home as well. 

Accelerated Math

       The idea of Math Renaissance is to manage students’ mathematics learning to maximize student growth.  Through a computerized learning system, known as Accelerated Math (AM), student achievement is measured at appropriate instructional levels to ensure progress.

            Each student has been given a goal to master throughout the nine weeks.  In order to meet the goal, students will complete practices and tests on the computer.  The computer will generate a test when the student has mastered five objectives through working on their practices.  The only way to meet their goal is to take tests.  This will show mastery on the objectives worked on in class and at home.  There is only 1 day designated each week to work on AM at school.  It is imperative that they also work on their assignments at home as well.  Tests can only be taken at school. 

            The percentage of objectives met will count as a test grade.  For example, 25 out of 25 objectives met will count as a 100 test grade.  Where, 20 out of 25 objectives met will count as an 80 test grade.   Students are awarded treats for mastering objectives, so any donations will be acceptedJ 


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AM is due May 29, 2018

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