What is Project Connect?

Project Connect is all about helping seniors make connections. You will connect with your community. You will connect with your classmates. You will connect with teachers, institutions, texts, and ideas.

At the center of Project Connect is The Contribution. You will decide what you want to learn and how you want to contribute that learning back to the world around you. The Contribution may be something you share, something you do, something you produce. It may be a solo effort, or it may be a group project. The important thing is that you learn, and that you share that learning with the world. 

How? Throughout the semester, you will create several texts--real pieces of writing, multi-modal digital texts, even videos--including a research paper, that you will share with a broader community through your e-Portfolio website. At the end of the semester, you will also connect with peers, parents, community members, and teachers at the Project Connect Symposium. Find out more by exploring this website. 

Sites Made Easy

Use the video link below to help you set up your Project Connect Google Site. It's fun and easy. Good luck.