"Begin with the end in mind." - Stephen Covey 

Our goals for today are to gain a better understanding of performance  task assessments (PTAs), to plan and design a performance task assessment, to evaluate the performance task assessment, and to plan and design the instruction that goes along with the performance task assessment. The "big picture" for today's activities is to provide you with purposeful activities and products that you will be able to use in your classrooms immediately and to equip you with a process that can be used for future planning. 

We hope you will find that, in creating performance task assessments aligned with the CCSS/ES, you will begin to reshape both your assessment strategies and your instructional strategies in a manner aligned with the intent of the new course of study. Please use this site as needed today and in the future, not necessarily as a mandatory guide but as a tool for facilitating the work of your PLC as you create PTAs. We have provided subject-specific links to help you find models of performance task assessments. Also, the Create a Performance Task tab should help you get started as you move through four basic steps in the process. Feel free to use the information or videos as needed.

As a PLC, you need to determine the content you will assess and how you will assess it, then you will build the assessment.  Once your assessment is completed, you can focus on designing the instruction that will lead up to that assessment.  Today is meant as a day for you to work doing what you do best: namely, design instruction for your students.