Pitt County Virtual Academy

Pitt County Virtual Academy serves as an educational solution for any student enrolled in Pitt County Schools in grades 4-12. As a PCVA participates, students are not required to come on the school campus to receive their instructions. Students are afforded the opportunity to flexible learning at home or wherever they feel best creates a study environment for them.

For students in grades 4-8, PCVA will use PCS teachers to provide instruction in the 4 core areas (ELA, math, science and Social Studies). A blend of PCVA, NCVPS, and Edgenuity will be used to provide supplemental elective options. Both PCVA and Edgenuity are courses that are taught by local PCS teachers while NCVPS is the state online platform that uses certified teachers from around NC. Students participating in this virtual learning can expect a rigorous education of both "live" and "on-demand" instruction.

Criteria to be accepted in PCVA - edits highlighted

    • Consider past virtual learning engagement (student success and regular participation)

    • Previous year’s Academic performance (must maintain a “C” average)

    • Grade Level Performance as indicated on End of Grade Testing, check ins, iReady, and other data points available 

    • Reliable internet (does not include school-provided hotspot or cellphone data plan)

Virtual Learning requests will be made available during the request window: May 3-14, 2021.

Additional information and application can be found "HERE" and through your child's school.

Navigating High School can be tricky when trying to find the best course path while planning for college and career options. Connecting high school courses with college registration takes serious planning. Click "here" for a very important help document. Online learning is certainly an important piece of the puzzle that can help students reach graduation and college goals.

The goal of Pitt County Virtual Academy (PCVA) is to provide students with additional opportunities, flexibility, and convenience to earn high school credits in an online environment.  PCVA provides quality and rigorous education that challenges students both in a traditional classroom setting and through online learning courses.  

Pitt County Schools understands the need for options for today's learners. PCVA provides flexible opportunities which allow students the ability to accelerate their education. PCVA also provides access to more course offerings by combining one PCVA course and offering it to all high schools. As well as, allowing students the chance to recover courses and catch back up. The flexibility of PCVA also allows options for students who may not fit into the traditional school model, including home-schooled students, who can take some high school courses in the environment of their choice. In all of these scenarios, PCS wants to provide flexible opportunities to move through the state graduation requirements in a way that best meets each student's needs and circumstances.  We use courses mapped to district, state and national standards which are developed and delivered by highly-qualified educators within Pitt County Schools. These courses will provide students with a rich and rigorous learning environment.

PCVA is excited to offer this opportunity for students currently enrolled at one of our high schools. PCVA is also excited to offer the opportunity to students that are homeschooled or not a part of the PCS system. 

To find out more on Pitt County Virtual Academy’s exciting flexibility, opportunities, and convenience contact PCVA at  252.830.3530 or pcva@pittschools.org.https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gif

Pitt County Virtual Academy