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PCS Promotion Standards


Grades 9 – 12
To earn credit in a course the student must:
Have a passing final average
Have no more than seven absences in a course (per semester)

First-time 9th Graders in 2006-2007 and thereafter:

Promotion to Grade 10
  • Earn 6 units of credit 
Promotion to Grade 11
  • Earn 13 units of credit – must include English I 
Promotion to Grade 12
  • Earn 20 units of credit – must include English II 
  • Must earn 87.5% of credits attempted 
CPR Requirement
Passed in 2012, House Bill 837 is "an act to make successful completion of instruction in CPR available to all students with a plan to phase in completion of CPR instruction as a high school graduation requirement by 2015."

For graduation prior to the end of the school year a student must:
1. Meet the course and testing graduation requirements that were effective the year he/she entered ninth grade for the first time;
2. Have support for early graduation from parents/guardians.

Procedures for Early Graduation:
1. The parents/guardians of a student should request early graduation for the student by filing a written request with the school principal by the last day of June prior to the beginning of the fourth year of enrollment.
2. The principal, with a committee of the local school staff, will consider the request and approve or deny early graduation on an individual case-by-case basis, subject to the criteria stated above.

Assignment to homerooms and registration at various grade levels depend on the number of courses passed. In some cases, the inability to schedule required courses during the first semester may prevent early graduation.

Students who graduate early will be allowed to participate in senior activities (prom, senior breakfast, awards ceremony, graduation practice, etc.) during second semester, unless individual circumstances warrant a denial by the school principal. The student shall be responsible for securing information relative to senior activities and for related costs. The school will not send individual mailings.

In cases where the student completes all requirements for graduation at some time other than the end of second semester, the principal shall issue the student a signed statement indicating that all graduation requirements have been met and that an official diploma will be presented at the next regularly scheduled graduation exercise.