Welcome to the Pitt County Schools Curriculum Guide website.  These guides were created collaboratively by nearly 180 teachers and instructional coaches during the summer of 2012, and then revised by an additional 150 teachers during the summer of 2013.  Because these guides are living documents, they are stored and delivered here in electronic format so they can be updated throughout the year.  Throughout the school year you are encouraged to offer feedback on the guides so they can be improved regularly. 

Pitt County Schools implements Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) district-wide.  At the core of PLCs is teachers working together to improve their own practice.  PLCs should design and deliver Common Formative Assessments (CFAs) at regular intervals and then examine the results of these assessments (both student and teacher results).  By comparing results within your PLC, individual teachers can not only highlight strengths and areas of growth but also encourage and support each other in the guide to empowering all students to succeed.  PLCs, at their heart, answer the question, "Based on a collaborative analysis of the results of our efforts, what can we do to improve student learning?" (Bob Eaker, as quoted in Results Now by Michael Schmoker, p 107). 

At the K-8 level each PLC will develop CFAs to be given at the mid-marking point of each quarter (so they will develop four per year).  At the 9-12 level teachers will develop CFAs to be given at the end of each 6-week marking period (so they will develop three per semester for semester-long courses).  Anchored within each guide that was developed are learning targets and criteria for success that will guide PLCs in the creation of these guides.  

One final document that is included with each guide is a "Year at a Glance" document.  This document simply shows the specific standards that are taught (and should be assessed) during each marking period (nine weeks for K-8 or six weeks for 9-12).  This document is specifically designed for principals and other instructional leaders.

Documents are organized by school grade span - with a special section for K-8 schools.  Please note that K-8 schools do NOT need to visit both the K-5 and 6-8 sections as everything on those two pages is duplicated on the K-8 site for easy access.  All guides for every grade (including EC and elective courses) are located under their respective grade span.