Library Info

Mission Statement
– The mission of North Pitt's media center is to be instrumental in helping the school meets its goals by providing access to information and the most up to date technologies; by fostering an appreciation for literature and reading; by providing an inviting environment for all to learn; by educating students through collaboration with teachers and integrating 21st century skills in the classroom and media center; 

Vision – The vision of the North Pitt media center is to become a learning commons in which participatory learning is the norm. We will strive to provide students with opportunities to learn how to learn, work collaborative with other students locally and globally and to improve their critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, and communication skills. We meet these goals by transforming the library space into a creation, collaboration and presentation space for students and staff. 

Our library staff consists of:
Media Coordinator: Mrs. Mangum
Media Clerk: Mrs. Warren
 and several student assistants

Mon - Fri 7:45 am - 3:45 pm
Open until 4:45 pm in Tuesdays

Policies & Procedures

Checkout  Students may checkout 4 items for  4 weeks.

Overdues We do not charge overdue fines. 

Passes to the library - Students must have a pass from a teacher or administrator when visiting the library individually.

Lunch time - Students may use the library during their lunch period. There are twenty passes available for each lunch. Students sign up before their lunch periods. Once students enter the library during lunch they remain in the library until the end of the lunch period.

Picture created by Mac Funamizu