I hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable Spring Break! We will spend the next few weeks working very hard on fine tuning strategies for reading and writing as our end of year assessments begin in May! Any additional practice you can provide at home would be beneficial for your child. Read every night, have your child try to write a couple of sentences about the book they've read, practice sounding our silly words, etc... Also, for math - keep practicing those teen numbers -reading and writing the number, comparing shapes (understanding that a shape can be different but still have similarities,) and counting to 100 without needing prompting/help.

Below you will find announcements that will be in our April Newsletter - you should receive the newsletter this week in your child's folder.

Field Trip:

We plan to go to It’s A Zoo Life on Apr 23rd. Trip cost is $8.50. Money and forms must  be completed, signed and returned prior to the trip. *School fees must also be paid for your child to go on the trip! *I will send a note home this week if we are missing forms or monies for your child. Please submit these items ASAP.

Parents attending field trip:

Please remember that parents cannot ride the bus for the field trip. You are welcome to follow the buses or meet us at the zoo. You will also be responsible for paying admission when you get to the zoo and you will need to bring your own lunch.

Address:   4313 NC 42 Macclesfield, NC 27852


For the 4th quarter our reading goal has increased. Students must read 30 nights in order to go to the AR party. They have 31 nights to do this! SO – your child needs to be reading EVERY NIGHT and an adult in the home needs to sign the reading log EVERY NIGHT.

Many students did not reach their 3rd quarter goal and will not be able to attend the AR party for the 3rd quarter. Remember it doesn’t matter how many books you read – it’s based on how many nights you read.

Students are so disappointed when they do not meet their goal. Please help them out! READ, READ, READ and then sign!

Dates to Remember:

*Tuesday Apr 10th - PTA Meeting 6:00

*Sunday, Apr 15th - PTA Fundraiser Texas Roadhouse

*Monday, Apr 16th - Report cards go home

*Wednesday, Apr 18th - Awards Day 8:30am (You will be notified if your child is to receive an award.)

*Monday, Apr 23rd - Field Trip

*Tuesday, May 1st - PTA Meeting 6:00

*Wednesday, May 2nd - Intern’s Last Day

*Saturday, May 5th - PTA Vendor Fair/Pancake Breakfast


Reminders for this week:

will be on Thursday between 1:15-1:30. Please send in a package of plastic eggs. We ask that you stuff them with candy or a small prize prior to sending them to school. Feel free to send in eggs early in the week. You do not have to wait until Thursday.

Come join us from 6:00-7:30 in the cafeteria. You and your family will have a chance to explore in a variety of science stations.

will be Wednesday. Where has the time gone?!

will begin at 8:30. Our PE Teachers have planned variety of activities planned throughout the day. They have asked K students to wear BLUE SHIRTS. 

Begin's on Friday & runs through the following week.

Tuesday, March 20th will be our Spring Picture Day!  We will have a class picture taken! Kindergarten is usually one of the first to have pictures made, so please make sure your child is here on time that day. Mrs. Roach is allowing this to be  "dress to impress" picture day. Students do not have to wear school uniforms!

Thank you to everyone who came out for Book Bingo Night. It was a success & tons of fun!!

On Monday the 26th we will host a Science Family Fun Night beginning at 6:00pm. We will have fun stations set up for you and your family to explore science concepts together.

Thursday, March 29th will be Field Day. Parents are welcome to come out & join in the fun. I will send out times as I receive them. Typically we start early in the day (8:30) and have various activities planned throughout the day. Encore has selected the theme "Olympics" for this year. Each grade has been assigned a country to represent and they have been learning about that country in their Encore classes. Kindergarten will represent Australia and has been asked to wear blue shirts. (Sorry Carolina fans -- they are looking for more of a Duke blue!) 

We will also have our Easter Egg Hunt on March 29th at the end of the day. More details to come on the egg hunt & snack/party for the end of the day. We are asking that each child bring in a package of plastic easter eggs filled with a treat (toy or candy) or individually wrapped candies. Students do not need to bring easter baskets.

Thursday, March 15th will be our Book Bingo Night at WHR! A pink note was sent home last week about Bingo night. If you would like to attend but have not returned the pink paper, please do so ASAP. We need have a head count to see know how many people to prepare for. It begins at 6:00!

Tuesday, March 20th will be our Spring Picture Day!  We will have a class picture taken! Kindergarten is usually one of the first to have pictures made, so please make sure your child is here on time that day. Mrs. Roach is allowing this to be  "dress to impress" picture day. Students do not have to wear school uniforms!

On Monday the 26th we will host a Science Family Fun Night beginning at 6:00pm. We will have fun stations set up for you and your family to explore science concepts together.

Don't forget the PTA Attraction's Coupon Booklets are due on Wednesday, Feb 28th!

Thank you to everyone who has already returned the books or money.

Reminder - you had the option to return the book that was sent home if you were not interested in selling/purchasing the coupon book. If you have not returned the book please send in $25 to pay for the book that was sent home.

Thanks in advance for supporting the awesome WHR PTA!


Our Valentine's Party will be on Wednesday, Feb 14th at 1:25. Don't forget to send in your child's Valentine's! You do not have to wait until Valentine's Day to send those in. Students have already decorated a bag and have begun to collect Valentine's from friends!


REPORT CARDS will go home on Monday.

PTA MEETING on Tuesday at 6:00 in the media center.

AWARDS DAY will be on Wednesday at 8:30 in the gym. You should have already received an email if your child is getting an award.

100th DAY OF SCHOOL will be on Friday. The K team has planned several activities throughout the day to help students celebrate the 100th day of school. Please check you child's folder on Monday for donation requests.

VALENTINE'S EXCHANGE - More info to come on our class Valentine Party (to be held ON Valentine's Day). We will have a Valentine Exchange. If you choose to participate please be sure to send a Valentine for every student in the class. Below is a list of names:



AR Party - will be Wednesday during our media encore time. Students will watch a movie & have popcorn to celebrate meeting their goal of reading for 25 nights. Your child brought home a certificate last week if they met their goal. You should have received a permission form in your child's folder last week about the party also. We do need your permission for your child to watch the movie. Please sign & return the form BEFORE WEDNESDAY or your child will not be able to participate.

Please continue to read EVERY NIGHT & SIGN the reading log. We count the number of nights read NOT the number of books read. We've modified the goal for 3rd marking period due to changes in our schedule (snow days). The new goal for 3rd marking period - is 25 nights. Again -- please READ with your child AND SIGN their reading log EVERY NIGHT. It really does help your child become a better reader!

Conferences - if you have not signed up for a conference yet please let me know of a day and time that is convenient for you ASAP. I will be sending paper copies of the conference calendars with students that I would like to meet with this week.


Please be sure to check your email for our newest sign up calendar for conferences. I will also place a paper copy in your child's folder this week if we need to meet. 

Don't forget! This week is a "normal week!" No teacher workdays or days of scheduled... Each day is a regular student day. 



We hope you all had a fabulous break! It is now time to get back into the regular routine of working & studying hard! Over the next 3 weeks we will administer mid year assessments for both Language Arts & Mathematics.  Second quarter requirements are listed on our class website under the “Sight Words & Quarterly Requirements” tab (we also sent this information home with the 2nd Quarter Progress Report.) Please continue to practice these skills to ensure your child’s success on the upcoming assessments. Remember! The requirements to earn an “S” increase with each marking period!

Please make sure your child is at school daily & on time. The tardy bell rings at 7:45. School policy is that if your child is not in the classroom at 7:45 they are to be marked tardy. When your child is late or absent they miss out on learning opportunities! We try to make every minute count!

Please work on buttoning and zipping coats, putting on gloves, mittens and hats. Many students have shown frustration when we ask them to “try” before we help them. It takes a lot of time when we have to help 22 students with all of the items listed above. Also, please continue to work on tying shoes & opening food packages independently.

We are lucky to have 2 ECU Interns this year! Ms. Gurganus & Ms. Robbins. Beginning in January they will be full time – working in our classroom EVERYDAY! I am very excited about this opportunity to co-teach with these beginning educators. Please encourage your child to treat them with the same respect expected of Mrs. Sims & me. They are to be viewed as teachers in our classroom.

Mrs. Sims is due to have her sweet  baby soon! Please keep her in your thoughts!

The following is an email I received from PCS. It was forwarded to parents this evening.

Dear PCS Family,

We hope everyone has been safe and warm during this recent bout of winter weather!  

As a result of missing four days of instruction, the following changes will be made to the PCS calendar:

1)  January 22 will shift from a workday to a student day, with today (Jan. 9) counting as the workday instead.

2)  January 23 will shift from a system designated workday to a student day.

3)  January 24 will shift from a student day to the system designated day previously scheduled for Jan. 23.  

The shift with January 22 & 23 allows us to accommodate need changes for the high school exam schedule; the Jan. 24 system designated workday gives time for high schools to finalize grades and turn over their schedules from first semester to second semester. 

4)  The two early release days remaining on the calendar - March 13 and April 12 - will now be full student days.  

The above changes allow us to make up two of the missed instructional days.  We have enough additional instructional time built into our daily schedule throughout the school year such that we can use this "banked time" to cover the remaining two missed student days.  

We will be printing newly revised calendars and distributing them to every student and staff member in the district as soon as possible.   Attached is an electronic copy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please notify your principal/supervisor, or payroll secretary as appropriate.  Thank you for your flexibility and professionalism!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break!

We have some important days coming up in the month of January. Mark your calendars!

The first week back to school, middle of year assessments will begin for both Language Arts & Mathematics. Hopefully, you spent sometime with your child working on the winter break packet that was placed in your child's folder before the break. If not, please start spending a few minutes each night reviewing a page or 2 at a time.

Tuesday, Jan 2nd - there will be a PTA meeting in the media center at 6pm.

Thursday, Jan 11th - PTA Chipotle Night from 5:00 to 9:00pm.

Monday, Jan 15th - No School

Friday, Jan 19th - End of 2nd marking period

Monday, Jan 22nd & Tuesday the 23rd - No School for Students (Teacher Workdays)

Thursday, Jan 25th - Robinson Rocks Science Day (Science Fair)

Monday, Jan 29th - Report Cards go home

Just a few reminders -- the next 2 weeks will be busy!

Monday through Thursday this week The Penguin Patch will be at WHR! This is a chance for you child to do some Christmas shopping for their family. There are items priced from 25 cent to $20. Envelopes were sent home last week with a flyer. You can put money in those envelopes & check who you want your child to shop for. Our class will go browse the penguin patch items tomorrow (Monday 12/11). You may send in money any day this week (Monday through Thursday) but please be sure to LABEL THE MONEY AS "PENGUIN PATCH" MONEY.Thursday night will be family shopping night from 5:00-6:30.

Wednesday, Dec 13th - Students can wear a "holiday top" with their "regular uniform bottoms."

Thursday, Dec 14th - Winter Choral and Orchestra Concert at 6:30

Tuesday, Dec 19th -  We will have our class Christmas Party at 1:00. More info to come on what is needed from our class mom - Amy Credle.

Tuesday, Dec 19th - Barnes & Noble Night 5:30-7:00

Wednesday, Dec 20th - Early Release Day - Students will dismiss at 11:10.

Winter Break will be from Dec 21st to Jan 1st -- Students will return to school on Jan 2nd. 


Information from the December Newsletter:

Progress Reports: When you receive your child’s progress report on Wednesday 12/6 you will also receive the 2nd Quarter conference discussion sheet with the most current data on your child. This sheet includes the 2nd quarter goals, but I will also attached a separate sheet that lists only the goals for you to reference. Please remember the expectations INCREASE each marking period. Just  because your child received an “S” the first marking period does not mean they automatically get an “S” this time. I will set up conferences for December very soon. I will contact you if I feel we need to meet by Dec. 9th.  If I do not contact you & you still wish to meet, just send me a note or an email & I will set up a time to discuss your child’s progress.

Getting Dressed: Please work on buttoning and zipping coats, putting on gloves, mittens and hats. Please teach your child how to turn their sleeves when they are inside out. Many children struggle with these concepts. I’ve taught several small lessons and worked with students individually on these skills but several still require lots of assistance.

We do plan to go outside everyday unless it is too wet out. Also – please practice hanging up coats on clothes hangers. We will have a hanging rack in the class room for students to hang their coats when we return from Winter Break.

Winter Break Homework: Over the break I will send a homework packet” home with the students. Please take some time over the break to review the skills/concepts in the packet, sight word & letters/sounds. State assessments in mathematics and reading will be administered when we return from the break. At this point in the year, if students do not continue to practice they often loose some of what they learned over breaks.

Calendar: Please check out the calendar tab for important dates.

Click the penguin below to access a link to a video about the Penguin Patch going on at WHR from December 11-14th.



Awards Day will be Wednesday, Nov 15th at 8:30 in the gym. Please remember that everyone will not receive an award. Each marking period awards are given for perfect attendance and 2 students are recognized as "Terrific Kids." You should have received an email or a text message through "Remind" if your child is being recognized this Wednesday.

Thursday, Nov 16th at 6:00pm, WHR will host a Technology Night. Lauren Boucher will be here to talk about apps and ways technology can help your child. 

The kindergarten team is in the process of planning "Thanksgiving Rotations" to be held on Tuesday, Nov 21st to celebrate Thanksgiving. We will not have a class party like we did for Halloween/Fall. I apologize for those of you who may have been looking forward to coming out to visit again. Students will be rotating to each of the K classes and working with each of the K teachers this time to learn more about Thanksgiving. (We will have a celebration before we get out for Winter Break! More info to come on that!)

School will be closed on Nov 22-24 for the Thanksgiving Holiday.


A few reminders for this week:

Report cards go home on Monday. Please sign & return the envelope. You may keep the papers inside.

On Tuesday there will be a PTA meeting at 6:00 in the media center. Our school chorus will have a concert at 7:00.

Thursday will be an Early Release Day. K students will dismiss at 11:10. If your child's transportation changes that day please send us a note. Please make sure your after school child care is aware of the early dismissal. Thursday is also Parent Conference Night from 3:00-7:00pm. I will hold conferences as needed, since I've already met with almost all of you! Please know that I will meet by appointment only. Please send a note or an email if you wish to set up a conference time. 

Friday school is closed - Veteran's Day. Enjoy the long weekend!

A printed copy of our November Newsletter will be in your child's folder tomorrow:

Headphones: We will start using headphones with certain apps at school. If you did not send in a pair of headphones with your child at the beginning of the year please do so as soon as possible. I do have a couple with no name - so if you sent in headphones please send me a note/email describing the ones you sent in.

Pitt County has scheduled Thursday, Nov 9th as Parent Conference Night.” I have already met with most of you (Yea! And Thank You!J) If you wish to meet again on 11/9 between the hours of 3pm and 7pm please let me know and I will schedule another conference. I will meet by appointment only on Parent Conference Night. If I have a concern about how your child is progressing I will contact you. Otherwise, thank you for already meeting with me and being involved in your child’s educational career!

Awards Day will be held on Thursday, November 15th at 8:30 in the gym. Please be aware that everyone will NOT receive an award. Kindergarten only gives out 2 types of awards for each “Awards Day” with the exception of the end of the year awards day. Throughout the year, kindergarten gives Perfect Attendance awards for attendance during each marking period. We are provided a list of Perfect Attendance students from our Power School Manager. Students must be present each day of the marking period & cannot have excessive amounts of tardies. We also give a Terrific Kid award to 2 students each marking period. This award goes to students who consistently follow classroom expectations. If your child is receiving an award you will receive an email or a note in your child’s folder prior to awards day.

DON’T FORGET to read with your child daily. Your child’s reading log is how we determine who met their reading goal. If you read with your child and sign their reading log every day, your child will have no problem meeting goals set for each marking period.

Important Dates: Don't forget to check the "calendar" tab on our class website for important dates.


Don't forget that TUESDAY is CAREER DAY. Student can dress up for a career -- no halloween costumes are allowed. We have been studying community helpers so hopefully students have an idea of a career they may want to choose. Costumes do not have to be store bought -- get creative! :) 

Reading Goals & Reading Logs - We collected all reading logs on Friday. If your child met the goal of reading for 12 nights during the first marking period they received a certificate from me on Friday & a sticker on their chart in class. Mrs. Stahl will be hosting parties for students meeting 1st quarter goals this week. Your child will bring home a new reading log on Monday to record the number of nights read for the 2nd quarter (goal is 25). If your child reads & you sign the reading log each night books are sent home, your child will have no problem meeting their goal.

We have also chosen to add in a few extra books each week. Several of you have requested more books & we are listening! While we want children to be successful and be able to read to you when they come home, we are willing to send extra books for you to help your child work through. Please do not read the book to them. We want them to apply strategies they've learned in class. Please take a picture walk (looking at all of the pictures) prior to reading the book. You may read the first page to them to help them get started with the text pattern. Then encourage them to use the pictures & beginning sounds to read the rest of the book to you. We want reading to be FUN! So please, do not put too much stress on your child to read the book perfectly every time! Gentle reminders & lots of encouragement work best!

Goals: As you have seen in your child's folder, we have begun setting individual goals in class. Each student has their own personal goal to help them move forward in the kindergarten curriculum. When your child feels they have met their goal they should let me know (this may require some prompting from you). I will check their goal & if successful, they will earn a sticker on their chart in class. (When students earn enough stickers for meeting goals or for earning blue cards they get to visit the treasure box!)


Here is the slide show shared at tonight's K Curriculum night. Thank you to everyone who came out. Much of the information is being covered at Parent/Teacher Conferences. The slide show focuses on end of year expectations while I am focusing more on where your child currently is and how to move them forward at our conferences. If you have not set a conference or now have new questions feel free to contact me. I will be happy to schedule a time to meet.

2017 Parent night.ppt


Reminders for this week:

The BOOK FAIR is open all week! Feel free to send money with your child (making sure to label what the money is for) and we will be happy to take them to the book fair to help them shop. You are welcome to come and shop the book fair with your child. (Book fair will be open before curriculum night!)

Tuesday at 6:15 pm we will have our Kindergarten Curriculum Night in the cafeteria. We will share information about Kindergarten assessments, requirements and ways to help your child at home.

Thursday I will be off campus for the first half of the day. I am being sent to a training during the morning but will be back around lunch time.

**The following was sent in an email today**

There has been some confusion about how take home books work. I wanted to clarify a few things for everyone...

-We do NOT get new books every week. Students bring books home as we read them in class. So they should get 1-2 new books each week added to their old books. We ask that you reread the books with your child to help build fluency. And to work on learning those sight words that appear in the book. 

-Please send books back to school DAILY. We use them in class.

-Please SIGN and DATE  the reading log each day. There will be a REWARD PARTY for those who meet their goal of reading 12 nights the first marking period. If students have not met their goal they will not be allowed to attend the party.

-If students read just 1 book per night each night they are sent home, students will easily meet their goal. 

Thank you for helping me help your child become a better reader!


Tuesday will be an early release day. Lunch will be served before students dismiss - please plan accordingly for those who bring lunch boxes. K students will dismiss at 11:10.  If your child attends an after school program please check to make sure that they pick up on early release days, as some do not. 

Wednesday is a teacher workday - school will be closed for students. 

Thursday - please support our PTA in a fundraiser at The Biscuit and The Bean from 6:00-8:00.

On Friday our class will preview the book fair. Students will be able to shop the book fair the following week. During the week following you may send money to school in your child's folder or you may come to shop with your child. If you send money in your child's folder please label that it is for the book fair - we wouldn't want to accidentally put it on your child's lunch account!

*Students that bring money for book fair may visit the fair between 9:00 and 2:00 at their teacher’s discretion. *Parent Night will be on Tuesday, October 17 from 4:00- 7:00.

Information from the newsletter that will be sent home tomorrow (10/02/17).

-CONFERENCES: Thanks to those who have signed up for a conference. If you are unable to keep your appointment time please email me or send a note in your child’s folder. I will be happy to reschedule if needed. I want to share with each family where your child is currently performing & where they need to be by the end of the first quarter & by the end of the school year. Parent conferences are vital to your child’s success!


-As the weather starts to cool off please work with your child on how to put on their coats, button & zip them

-Please practice tying shoes.

-Continue to work on opening food packages independently.


Don’t forget to write down ONE book per night on your child’s reading log starting tonight! They may read more than one book, however we are counting how many NIGHTS your child has read to meet their goal – not how many BOOKS.


Can be found on the newsletter as well as our "Calendar" tab.



Today you are receiving your child’s first progress report. You will find the progress report, a mClass Performance report and a 1st Quarter Requirements information sheet. Please sign and return the progress report on the highlight line & return to school as soon as possible. You may keep the other pages.

Please be aware, your child is currently being scored on where they are academically based on where they came into kindergarten. The state expectations are that students come into kindergarten with some “Reading Behaviors” already in place -- understanding the difference between letters and words, how to point to each word on a page and “pretend” read using the pictures, know punctuation marks, upper versus lower case letters, and more. If your child has received a “U” in the reading portion of their report do not be overly concerned at this point! We will chat about exactly how your child did on the beginning of the year assessments at our conference and make a plan on how to help them grow. We’ve begun guided reading groups in class and we should see progress from all students soon (if not already!)

If you have not set up a conference yet and would like to, please let me know.


This Wednesday is picture day! Students must wear school uniforms.

Progress reports will also be sent home on Wednesday. Please review the report, sign and return it. We will discuss this report further when we have our conference. Our quarterly requirements are listed under the quarterly requirements tab.

Candyman: Today you should find a fundraiser packet in your child's folder. Please read through the information to learn how to help raise money for our school. Orders & money are due back to school on October 3rd.

Library Books: This year "Media" is one of our Encore Classes. Students go to "Media" (the library) every Wednesday. During this time students work with Mrs. Stahl & check out books. For the first few months of school this will be the only day students can check out books. I am not comfortable sending kindergartners to the library on their own at this point in the school year. Later in the year students will be able to go to their library independently during the first hour of the school day. Until then, they will be escorted each Wednesday and have assistance from Mrs. Stahl when checking out books. You may want to have your child store their library book in their backpack so you have it when they are at home & it will be there when we go to the library. Please read the books with your child. Reading them more than once is ok! Talk with your child about the book -- who are the characters? where did the story take place (setting)? was there a problem in the story? what was your favorite part?

Candyman Fundraiser - Look for more information to come home in your child's folder on Thursday!

Independence Day - is next Monday! Be sure to let your child lead the way to class this week to make sure they can find their own way next week.

What We're Learning - Be sure to check out the "What We're Learning" tab on our class website. I will attach videos each week that go along with what we're studying in class. Feel free to share them with your child to help them retain information about the topics we're learning about.

The following information can be found in the newsletter you will receive in your child's folder today...

ASSESSMENTS: We will begin state reading assessments this week. These are done individually and consist of about 4 components. We test about 3 students each day over the course of 2-3 weeks. Once assessments are complete I will be contacting each of you to set up our first parent/teacher conference. I will share results with you at that time & discuss student needs with you as well. We will also begin nightly reading assignments after assessments are complete.

CLASS WEBSITE: Please be sure to visit our class website each week and when I send an email about updates. I list important information for parents & learning videos each week. If you do not have access to the internet please let me know.

-INDEPENDENCE DAY: PCS has declared Sept 18th independence day” for K-5 students. This means students should walk to class with out a parent/guardian escort by Sept 18th. Teachers will be in the hallways & at doorways to make sure students get to the right place. You can practice by allowing your child to show you the way now.
-WED. SEPT 6th: I will not be on campus. I will be attending a training all day. I will let students know ahead of time but also wanted you to be aware. Mrs. Sims & Ms. Robbins will be there and a substitute. They will try to keep the day running as normal as possible.
-*Request* Please continue to have your child work on opening food packages independently, fastening clothing, tying shoes & neatly writing their name.

(In class we ask them write only the first letter of their name as a capital. The rest should be lowercase.

Example: Heather Landreth)


...are listed on the newsletter and under the calendar tab on our class website.  

Today your child should have brought their folder home for the first time. You should find some papers in the folder from the front office & PTA. Please place any money you send to school in the first clear plastic sleeve & label what the money is for. Feel free to send us notes in those plastic sleeves as well. We will check the folders each day. The first newsletter will be sent home in the 2nd sleeve next week.

This evening I will be sending out a trial message through the remind app. I have entered everyone's cell phone number into my remind app. You should be able to receive messages from me. If you would like to respond & text message me back you will need to download the remind app.


We've had an awesome first 2 days of school. There are a few things you can do at home to help make things easier for us here at school...

Please work on buttoning/unbuttoning pants, buckling belts, tying shoes, opening juice pouches & snacks. We spend a lot of time on these housekeeping items with 22 students! The more time we spend on these items the less time we have for curriculum coverage.

If you have not turned in the paperwork from the open house packet, please do so as soon as possible.


The 2017-2018 Free & Reduced –Price Meal application is now available.  They will not be mailed to households this year. 

If you would like to apply for this benefit, here’s how you can get your application form:

■Come to the Child Nutrition office (Room A302) located at 1717 W. 5th Street, Greenville, NC and pick up or complete the application on the spot.

■Download a form from the Pitt County Schools website (, complete and mail or bring to:

Pitt County Schools

Child Nutrition Department

1717 West 5th Street

Greenville, NC 27834


■You can pick-up an application from the cafeteria manager at your child’s school.


As reminder, your household only needs to complete 1 application that includes all students.  If your child attends a school that participates in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) they will receive FREE meals at breakfast and lunch and NO application is needed.

Please fill out the survey linked below. 
The survey will help me collect important information about the families in our class!

We are looking forward to the start of a new school year! Please come out to Open House on Thursday, August 24 from 4:00-6:30. At open house you will have a chance to meet your teachers, get lots of important information & visit the classroom!

Below is a powerpoint presentation of the PCS dress code. Please click through the slides for more details.

Dress Code Powerpoint

Click below to access the PCS Parent Student Handbook

2017-18 Schedule

7:45-8:10 Breakfast/Read Aloud

8:10-9:40 Stations/Guided Read

9:45-10:15 Encore Class

10:15-11:00 Math

11:09-11:34 Lunch

11:40-12:00 Istation

12:00-12:20 Letterland

12:20-12:50 Science/SS

12:50-1:00 Snack

1:00-1:15 Recess

1:15-1:55 Writing

1:55-2:05 Dismissal

Encore Schedule

Monday - Art

Tuesday - PE

Wednesday - Media

Thursday - PE

Friday - Music

**Sneakers are required for PE**

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