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Eastern's Motto
Together Everyone Achieves More

School Colors
 Green, Gold and White

School Mascot

School Supplies
PARENTS: Are you going shopping for school supplies? When you visit Staples, Office Depot, Target or WalMart in Pitt County to purchase your child's supplies, you will notice that Eastern's Supply Lists are very different this year. We are asking parents to purchase items we would normally put on our WISH LISTS. Eastern's School Improvement Team decided to try something different this year. Eastern will purchase the supplies we want your child to have at school. Parents are responsible for the items listed on the Supply Lists found at the stores mentioned above as well as a bookbag without wheels. Parents are also responsible for the supplies you want your child to have at home. If you have questions, please emailkirklac@pitt.k12.nc.us . We hope this will help eliminate some of the hassle that comes with buying the typical school supplies. Thanks in advance for your support. (P.S. Ask customer service at the store if you do not see Eastern's list in the school display area! The lists were personally delivered to each store by Mrs. Kirkland.)

             Mrs. Kirkland and Mr. Johnson love Eastern!

       Ms. Dickerson named Pitt County Teacher of the Year!!!



    Click HERE to read more about why we are so proud of Ms. Dickerson.


Our Philosophy

Eastern is a place for teaching and learning. We believe that each student can learn the intended curriculum.

All students do not bring with them the same background of experiences and abilities, nor do they learn in uniform ways. Recognizing these differences, our school must provide a varied and adaptable educational program.

We see as our purpose to provide a curriculum and environment in which each student will have the opportunity to:

  • Experience continuing progress.
  • Develop communication and computational skills.
  • Develop a realistic and positive self-image, demonstrate emotional stability, and establish an awareness of personal values.
  • Develop the ability to think logically, critically, and creatively.
  • Show respect and concern for others and accept the responsibilities of citizenship and self-discipline.
  • Develop an appreciation for fine arts.
  • Attain physical competencies.
To achieve these goals, it is essential that cooperative relationships exist among teachers, administrators, office personnel, food services, custodial staff, parents, and community volunteers.

At Eastern, we strive to provide an education that will prepare each child to become a responsible and productive citizen in our democratic society.


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