Welcome to the Huffman Hawk Art Studio!


My goal is to create an environment that is conducive to ALL learners that promotes learning, creativity, self-expression and a safe place that allows them to be themselves!  Art promotes problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, artistic expression and overall works to enhance what they learn in their homeroom classes through integrating art history, geography, vocabulary, math skills and writing!

I will be embracing the idea, "Create Art Your Way".  I will be teaching themes and techniques to my artists this year and taking an approach that will help aid in their creativity by giving them more choice with their medium and more artistic expression with how they approach the themes and techniques taught. 

 For example, Dias De Los Muertos is a holiday we study in 3rd- 5th grade and instead of teaching the same project for a grade level, the students in each class will choose their approach after viewing several resources and demonstrations.  One student may choose to make a sculpture representing what they learned while a few may decide to create a painting.  They will be allowed access on ipads, computers, and use books to research ideas to further develop their ideas.  I am very excited to try this style of art which focuses on Teaching Artistic Behavior (TAB) also known as Choice-Based learning.  Stations will be set up with proper tools and students will CHOOSE where they go. I am so excited for a fun year of learning and experimenting with art! 

Our students our going to "Make their Mark in Art" while "Engineering Creative Minds".

Please feel free to share this webpage with our school community in order to continue to spread the word about the wonderful Fine Arts Program at Huffman Elementary!

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