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*****  RECTANGULAR POOL STRUCTURE NOW GUARANTEED FOR 30 YEARS !!                          ******

Piscine-Plus.Com have supplied & installed swimming pools in France (or piscines if you prefer the French word) since 1990. Although the majority of our installations are in the Lot, Dordogne and Charente we cover all regions in South West France - Aquitaine, Midi-Pyrenees, Languedoc-Roussillon, Poitou-Charentes and Limousin.

If you are looking for a new piscine, the Piscine Plus web site will offer you an idea of in-ground pools, above ground pools, spas and pool renovation as well as the security, filtration and treatment products and accessories associated with pool ownership and maintenance. We also have a gallery of our in-ground pools. Alternatively, here are the details you need to make contact with us straight away.

As more and more installers recognise the benefits of modern materials and construction methods, and change from conventional concrete block pools to galvanised or stainless steel pools, our 40 years of experience in manufacturing and installation of this design of swimming pool keeps us at the forefront of the market. Our shaped pools are sometimes known as Christal Pools as we are the sole distributor of Christal Pools in France. However, rest assured, we can still provide you with a rectangular pool, if that is your preference, using the same material. Christal Pools rectangular pools 

Unlike some companies, Piscine-Plus do not leave you stranded after you have paid for your product. We are available for unlimited telephone support and advice and we now have a dedicated section of our web site for existing customers although the information here is also open to prospective customers. We also have a policy of quote matching  - let us know if you have a better like-for-like quote and we will match, or beat it.Please note that we are not related to any company advertising themselves on the Internet as piscineplus.fr piscine plus.fr or piscine-plus.fr, piscineplus.fr, piscine-plus.fr or piscine plus.fr 

The unique design of our shaped pools allows the liner to be fitted without being cut. This increases liner life and prevents leaks around external fittings. The liners in our large selection carry a 10 or 15 year guarantee. The same structural materials are used in our rectangular pools, enabling us to compete strongly against pools constructed from concrete blocks.

Our pumps can either be installed in discreet housing units, partly in the water, by the pool-side, or in your own building.

Our prices include applying for permission (deposit refunded if no permission granted), supplying & installing the entire structure of the piscine (including plain coloured 10 year warranty liner - other liners available), felt, filtration system including pump, electrical box (including up to 30 metres of cabling to an outside socket), the margelles for the piscine (the immediate stone surround that you can see on the pool above and to the right), a manual pool vacuum, starter chemicals and the initial commissioning of the pool. There are options available for types of filters, steps, heating, pool depth and liner.

Installation for the pool structure is normally 3 weeks, depending on the weather. Our shaped pool structure, installation and liners are guaranteed for a minimum period of 10 years, our rectangular pool structures for 30 years !.

You should also consider pool security in conjunction with your pool size, shape and location as French law states that all in-ground pools should be protected by at least one conforming security product. Please refer to our range of security products for further information.

For pools within 20km of us, we can usually offer a pool opening or pool closing service, at 350€ ttc and 250€ ttc respectively. The time for opening pools in the Spring is when the water has reached no more than 13°C. This is the temperature at which algae can grow. The pool should be opened at this point, even if you do not intend on using the pool until a few weeks later. In the Autumn/Winter, the reverse is true - the pool should not be closed until the water has dropped below 13°C. 

These prices shown below are prices for basic, enhanced and top of the range configurations of pools with some options and are dependent on the type of terrain, access to the site, location, and other factors. The rectangular pools listed below only show an example of the lengths, widths and depths available. We can, within reason, build a rectangular pool to whatever dimensions you require.

Please remember that we have a policy to rigorously compete with other companies - call us if you think you can get your pool cheaper somewhere else and we will do our best to match or better the price you have been offered.

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