Powerhaus industrial sales & services, Inc.

Powerhaus Industrial Sales and Services, Inc. (PISAS) is part of a team of world class power plant engineering companies and equipment manufacturers that it assembled to serve the industry we know best, the Philippines power and energy industry

We represent some of the world's finest and biggest companies serving the power and energy industry.

Backed by these world class companies, we offer products and services that will bring to our clients great benefits: effective solutions, enhanced performance.

We are proud to be part of our clients' never ending effort to search for solutions and excellence.

HEXTRU Airpreheater Basket Cleaning System:

PISAS is offering HEXTRU Aiprreheater Basket cleaning system. HEXTRU offers the following advantages compared to other cleaning method of airpreheater baskets:

  1. Shortest duration of air-preheater basket cleaning thereby resulting to big savings for the plant station owners in terms of shorter shutdown period.
  2. Possible to increase the efficiency of airpreheater by cleaning using Hextru method during short duration forced outages.
  3. Prevents damage to the baskets compared to remove-and-clean method thereby prolonging the life of the baskets.
  4. High pressure water ensure completely cleaned baskets. Half-cleaned basket is the major root cause of air-preheater fire as the left-over clogged ash inside the basket traps oil and causes the fire with the introduction of heat during initial firings.

HEXTRU involves using 10,000 psi High Pressure Pump and hydrojetting techniques to ensure a completely cleaned airpreheater baskets while providing maximum safety protection to the baskets and technicians.

"Rapid-Lok" Our brand of fast and safe scaffolding system. We are offering customized design and erection of scaffold system for your boiler and similar facilities enabling you to save on shutdown or maintenance duration by shortening the erection and dismantling of scaffolding.

Our Rapid-Lok scaffolding system is almost 4x faster than the traditional pipes and clamps system.

Recently (December 2012), in one of our client, we were able to reduce the boiler shutdown period by five (5) days when our client adopted our "Rapid-Lok" Customized Boiler Scaffold System. We were able to reduce from six (6) days to 20 HOURS the erection of scaffolding in their boiler. Thereby, generating for them an opportunity cost saving of about PHP 50 Million!

Pressure Regulation, Flow Meter, Filter, Relief Valve, Flame Arrester and Breather Equipment for the Natural Gas Industry.

RMG supplies the pressure reducing, metering and receiving facilities for the two biggest plants and the only natural gas fired power plants in the Philippines, the Sta-Rita/San Lorenzo and the Ilijan Power Plants. RMG and PISAS will be at the fore front of the emerging Philippines natural gas industry.

Website: www.rmg.de, www.gaselan.de