Welcome to Room 15

We are a team of savvy Year 7 & 8 kids who use digital devices (BYOD) to help us to WONDER, SEEK, CREATE and SHARE.
We use this site as part of our learning every day. It is a place for our teacher's planning and our learning programmes.


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Learning to Learn
We are learning about how we learn best. One way of knowing this is by learning which side of the brain dominates our learning preferences. 

Weekly Maintenance:

2) STEPS (Or Study Ladder for NON STEPS STUDENTS)
               - Follow up activity (Click Here)
                - Select an article, answer the 'seven servants' about it on a google doc and 

1) Daily number maintenance
            - Year 8 Standard
            Year 7 Standard
2) Mathletics


Mrs Pemberton and Mrs Gibson-White's Plans

Weekly planning Term 4 2017