Local Discounts

Samy's Camera - http://www.samys.com/
Ask for student pricing and show your student ID. They also offer Macgroup discounts

Look through the catalog and follow the directions. Samy's offers Macgroup discounts.

10% student discount with student ID. Let them know when booking your generator.


Online Camera Sharing Community - ShareGrid - (Thanks to Samsun Keithley) 

Paskal Lighting - http://www.paskal.com/

Lighting and Grip - https://www.cinelease.com/ - (Thanks to Sean Cisowski)

Sound Equipment Rental and Sales - Trew Audio in Los Angeles


For SBCC Campus when shooting outside of your scheduled class - 
Please submit an application to Jesse Valentine (805) 965-0581 x2265, Administrative A120. Pick up forms at the production office or download Application for Facility Use. Please allow 2 weeks for processing. For more information: SBCC Permit Information

Santa Barbara Police Dispatch - (805) 897-2410 
Please inform the dispatch when you're filming around town especially at night--a shotgun microphone on a pistol grip could look like a gun in the dark and concerned neighbors may call the police. We don't want the SWAT team to fly in through your front door.

Insurance Liability and Waiver

Email Curtis Bieber (bieber@sbcc.edu) regarding your project, location needs, and/or non-SBCC equipment rental needs. Once Curtis approves this, you'll need to follow directions from Adrienne Betty at our Risk Management office. Please allow 2 weeks for processing. The deductible for our policy is $2500, so you are still financially responsible for $2500 if your production needs to file a claim. 

Weekend Onsite Supervisor 

If your instructor is not available to supervise your shoot on campus during a weekend or a holiday, you may schedule an event coordinator through the Community Services Office. Contact Jesse Valentine (805) 965-0581 x2265, Administrative A120. Please allow at least 2 weeks for processing. The rate varies up to $25/hour.

Conference Rooms H272 and H342

The conference rooms in the Humanities Building are available through appointments. Contact Chien-ei at cyu1@pipeline.sbcc.edu or 805-897-3569 for scheduling. Please allow 48 hours to secure a reservation from the campus calendar.


SBCC Casting Space Humanities Conference room H272 - schedule with Chien-ei

Post casting calls for free: use PROMO code SCHOOLCAST7on the checkout page

Catz - www.cazt.com
Free casting resources out of Los Angeles

Actors Talent Registry - contact cindy.5@live.com

Costume and Wardrobe

Magnolia Blvd in Burbank, CA - Blog on Burbank's Magnolia Blvd - (Thanks to Victoria Matthews)

Pinup Girl Clothing - Pinup Girl Boutique - (Thanks to Victoria Matthews)


Free screenwriting app - https://www.celtx.com/index.html

www.shakelaw.com - an app for legal forms - (Thanks to Martin Risberg)

Chapman University's Entertainment Law Clinic - Free legal services for films under $200k


Also known as Variety411 (often referred to as the "production bible" - a directory of production services and resources)

Production insurance - http://www.tcpinsurance.com 
Production insurance for student films and/or 30 day periods - handled Brooks' student insurance needs

Location Scouting Service - http://www.locoscout.com/
Free online location scouting database

Digital Green/Digital Blue screens, paints, costumes, and accessories - http://digitalgreenscreens.com/


http://bbcsfx.acropolis.org.uk/ for free sound effects - educational and personal use only - (Thanks to Ryan Alexander)

incompetech.com/music for royalty free music. Note the different licenses - (Thanks to Einar Magnusson)

freesound.org for royalty-free music

audioblocks.com royalty-free music for $8.25 per month subscription 

http://rightsworkshop.com/ music supervision, licensing, and creative clearance company


is now available through your pipeline portal. Login to your pipeline account. Go to the Student tab and select Student Resources. Click on the Lynda.com icon/link on the right under Class Resources.

Google Drive

gives you unlimited cloud storage only through your pipeline account. You get 30GB for your personal gmail account. 
Login to your pipeline email account then select Drive


shortoftheweek.com - (Thanks to Carl Erskine)

advancedfilmmaking.com - (Thanks to Khachik Mkrtchyan)

http://www.theblackandblue.com/ - (Thanks to John Tipich)

Job Listings

http://www.tvjamie.com/my-blog - (Thanks to Sean Cisowski)

Case Studies

'Tangerine' by Sean Baker - One of the top 49 contenders for the 2016 Academy Award

Please note this information may have changed since its posting. Do let us know if that's the case. Share your findings--Comment below!