CHECKOUT BEGINS Monday, February 5, 2018 AND ENDS Friday, May 11, 2018


  • STEP 1:  Complete the Student Information Form online at the beginning of each semester. You'll need to login to Pipeline to access the form.

  • STEP 2:  If you DO NOT have an account with Booked, our reservation software, please create one. 
    • Select Register to register a new account.

    • Your checkout privileges will be activated through Booked after we receive your Student Information Form

  • Access to equipment is based on your current classes and the classes you have successfully completed with a C or better. Your Booked account will only show equipment that are applicable to your classes.
  • Additional limits per checkout per student except for Capstone:

  • Reminder: You will need to supply expendables such as AAA, AA and 9V batteries. In most cases, you will need your own SD cards except for CF, CFast and SDXC cards for advanced level equipment. 
  • We may not have enough turnaround time to charge batteries--please plan ahead. 

To Reserve Equipment:

 Reminder:  Reservation on Booked must be made 24 hours in advance.

  • Go to Schedule on the menu bar and select Bookings 

  • Booked will only show you the equipment within your access level.
  • The calendar defaults to Equipment. Mouseover the blue upside down triangle next to the title Equipment for other calendars such as Film Studio.  Be careful with filters--set Resource Type to ALL to see all the equipment available to you--filters are unreliable.

  • Select the desired equipment (note the pick up locations H233 or CAGE)
  • Use Resources Change+ button to add other items to your order--DO NOT USE Accessories. Be sure to select DONE at the end of list.

  • Set the Begin and End date and time.
    • Beginning/Intro 100-level classes get a 24-hour checkout and one 24-hour extension/production class/semester. 
    • Advanced 200-level classes get a 48-hour checkout and one 48-hour extension/production class/semester. 
    • Weekends and long weekends count as 24-hour. 
    • Capstone checkouts are approved on individual basis--select the duration needed for your production.

  • Complete the following:
    • Title of reservation
    • Description of reservation--include additional notes (i.e. extensions, or accessories not seen on the list) 
    • Class Name
    • Instructor
    • Assignment

  • Select Create for new reservations or Update for modified reservations. 
  • The Booked reservation system will notify your instructor and email you a copy of your reservation.
  • It's your responsibility to get your instructor's approval. Otherwise, the equipment will not be released. 
  • Instructors have their own workflows--some will approve in 24 hours; others within minutes of a text message. Find out from your instructor what works for them. Communicate with them. Help them help you.
  • Checkout reservations are monitored by Chien-ei and the Department Chair Curtis Bieber. You will be asked to adjust your reservation if there are deviations from the rules. 
  • Reminders: 
    • You may need to provide your own SD cards for some of the equipment
    • You will need to provide your own expendables such as gloves, batteries (AA, AAA, 9V), etc...
    • You may need to charge batteries

To Modify or Delete Reservation:

  • Go to Schedule on the menu bar and select My Calendar
  • Find the appointment you wish to cancel or modify.
  • To modify: 
    • 24 hours before your scheduled pick up time: click on the reservation you wish to change then add your changes. 
    • Less than 24 hours before your scheduled pick up time: contact Chien-ei at or 805-897-3569.
  • To Delete: select the More button then Delete . 

Equipment Checkout

  • Student checkout is a privilege, and not a right, and therefore may be limited or revoked if rules are not followed.
  • Equipment is for currently-enrolled Film Production students only.
  • Equipment checkout is for class-related assignments only.
  • No checkout is allowed for "equipment tests, camera tests, etc."
  • Only currently-enrolled SBCC Film Production students may handle any equipment - on or off campus!

  • Checkout begins Monday, the 3rd week of classes.
  • All equipment checkout requires approval of the Instructor, who is the only one who knows if a student has a legitimate class assignment.
  • Checkout for Thanksgiving, Spring Break, or Finals week requires advanced Department Chair approval, and will be handled on a case-by-case basis, and requires a script, shot-list, and shooting schedule to be considered. Please email Curtis Bieber at
  • Any special equipment/special checkout for College-related projects requires Department Chair approval on a case-by-case basis. Please email Curtis Bieber at
  • Beginning/Intro 100-level classes get a 24-hour checkout and one 24-hour extension.
  • Advanced 200-level classes get a 48-hour checkout and one 48-hour extension.
  • All equipment needs to be returned by Friday, the last day of instruction of the semester.

  • All damage and replacement costs are the responsibility of the student who made the reservation. Double check your equipment before you leave.
  • If equipment is used for non-class assignments, the student loses all checkout privileges for the rest of the semester.
  • Letting other students use your equipment for their projects will result in loss of checkout privileges for both of you for the rest of the semester.
  • If your Booked account goes to TIME OUT or PENALTY BOX, all subsequent reservations will be deleted and reservation privileges will be suspended until the issue is resolved.
  • Abandoning equipment anywhere, including the CAGE and classrooms, will result in loss of checkout privileges for the rest of the semester.
  • Loss-of-checkout privilege penalties incurred in the last 2 weeks of instruction will roll over to the following semester, for a maximum total of 17 weeks of no checkout privileges.
  • You must cancel your reservation if you no longer need it so that another student can reserve it.
  • Equipment returned late will incur late fees. Equipment returned late enough to adversely affect another student's checkout will result in loss of checkout privileges for the rest of the semester.
  • Late fees are as follow:
Camera  $25/unit/day
Camera Lens     $15/unit/day
Lighting Gear  $15/unit/day
C-stand/stands    $10/unit/day
Sandbag/reflector/Accessories    $1/unit/day
Tripod  $5/unit/day
Audio/Boom/Zoom  $15/unit/day
Maximum Late Fee  $30/day

Studio/Rooms Use Policy
  • Without Instructor Present
    • Main Studio requires FP170 past/present enrollment to use any equipment.
    • Audio Rooms require FP181 past/present enrollment to use any equipment.
    • Finishing Room (H231) requires FP275 or FP294 present enrollment to use.
    • Capstone equipment is for Capstone Class use only.
    • General meeting/casting use is available for all production students on space-available, first come-first serve basis in all rooms with the exception of the Finishing Room.
  • Closed-toe shoes only in the main studio (H237) - no flip flops or sandals.

Conference Room H272 and H342
  • Email Chien-ei at to reserve