Reservation System Registration

If you don't have an account with Booked, our reservation system, please go to and create one.  Once you have registered we will give you the proper permissions to approve student reservations.

To approve/deny student reservations

  • Log into, go to the Responsibilties tab and select Group Reservations
  • Set the Dates and change All Reservations to Pending Reservations
  • Be sure to click the Filter button

  • You can search by any criteria but it’s easiest to enter the name of the student in the 'User' field and click 'Filter'
  • Select the reservation

  • You can choose to modify the student's equipment list by using the 'Update' button then the 'Change' button
  • Or use the reject button stating the reason
  • Or you can use the 'Approve' button to approve

Instructor Reservations

Please reserve the equipment you wish to use in your class so that it will not be checked out, or email Chien-ei at 24 hours in advance.

  • Go to to access the reservation system Booked
  • Login 
  • Select Schedule from the menu 
  • Select Bookings 
  • Choose the type of reservation from the dropdown menu above the calendar
  • Set the pick up time and return time first then select the desired equipment and create a reservation. 

How to Send Booked Email Notifications Directly to Trash or a Folder

  • STEP 1 -- Check the unwanted email then go to More and select Filter messages like these-- Be sure to specify the filterscreenshot below:

    Inline image 1

  • STEP 2 -- Copy SBCC Booked Reservations <> paste to From box, then select Create filter with this search

            Inline image 1

  • STEP 3 -- Select the options you want. If you want to archive your emails select Skip the Inbox (Archive it) then Apply the label of the gmail folder or Delete it. Click Create Filter when done. This will only apply to future emails.

        Inline image 5

To Set Notification Preferences

  • Go to 'My Account' tab and choose 'Notification Preferences'
  • Change the default settings to your liking