Reservation System Registration

If you haven’t registered with the reservation site please go to to create an account.  Once you have registered we will give you the proper permissions to approve student reservations.

Instructor Reservations

Please reserve the equipment you wish to use in class so that it will not be checked out.

  1. Go to to access the reservation system Booked
  2. Login your credentials
  3. Select Schedule from the menu 
  4. Select Bookings 
  5. Choose the type of reservation from the dropdown menu above the calendar
  6. Select the desired equipment and create a reservation. For more detailed instructions, refer to Equipment Checkout at the DAC Website

To approve/deny student reservations

  1. Log into, go to the 'Responsibilties' tab and select 'Group Reservations'
  2. Set the 'Dates' and change 'All Reservations' to 'Pending Reservations'
  3. Be sure to click on the 'Filter' button
  4. You can search by any criteria but it’s easiest to enter the name of the student in the 'User' field and press 'Filter'
  5. To approve a reservation click on the green check mark
  6. To deny a reservation select the red trash can to delete