Writing Course Improvement Plans


Guidelines for Preparing SLO Teaching/Learning Improvement Plans

Faculty -
reports are available from your deparment chair

Department Chairs -
reports can be run using eLumen (instructions)


1. Meet to review student performance data and discuss faculty observations on the attainment of each of the SLOs for the courses that were implemented during the SLO Cycle in question.

2. Choose the major areas in which the percentage of students who acquired the course SLOs is a concern and where steps need to be taken to improve their performance. 

3. Develop a plan to increase the percentage of students who achieve the course SLOs; base it on an analysis of the eLumen data report in conjunction with faculty comments about their student learning needs assessment.


Address these areas: 
    a. Findings
        i. Analysis of data and faculty commentary 
    b. Plan
        i. Solutions 
            1. Data collection and scoring methods
            2. Materials development
            3. Teaching and learning strategies development
    c. Implementation
         i. Timeline, and sequence for implementation
            1. Meeting types and schedule
        ii. Responsibilities
        iii. Training needs
        iv. Support and resource needs

Department Chairs or Course coordinators ONLY can enter the CIPs in eLumen.  If you do not have rights to enter directly you can use the template below and submit to your department chair.