Banner - Class Rosters, Add Codes, Final Grades

Banner is the enterprise system we use to access student records, course rosters, add codes, drop students, and submit final course grades.  Each of the links below refers to videos about how to complete most of the common tasks in Banner.  Some of the videos make use of a flash plugin in order to view them.  We will be updating these over time as the new version of Banner is installed.

Here's a link to closed-captioned videos demonstrating common tasks in Banner:

To assist you with learning these new skills, please contact us at frc-group [at] pipeline [dot] sbcc [dot] edu.  

If students come to you with questions about using the Banner system for registering for their classes, you can offer them the following alternatives for assistance: 1) send them to the Student Technical Help Desk located in the Campus Center (CC-228), 2) have them contact the Student Help Desk at, or3) have them call the Student Help Desk (805) 987-3549.

If you have any questions about the Banner training options, contact the Faculty Resource Center at extension 2860, or frc-group [at] pipeline [dot] sbcc [dot] edu. If you have trouble accessing or logging into Banner, contact the college’s Information Technology (IT) help desk at 805-965-0581, X2215 or at helpdesk[at]

Before you get started, take a moment to review the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) regarding the disclosure/non-disclosure of student information including student grades, etc.

FERPA website (