Accessing & Viewing Reports in eLumen

How to: Viewing Reports in eLumen

To view reports you need "program coordinator" access in eLumen. If you need acess and do not have it contact Rob Brown at with the department you need access to.

How to run reports:

Course Statistics report - shows what is complete and needs to be completed for a given cycle.

Faculty Participation report - Shows which faculty for a given term has completed thier scores and improvemnt plan (action plan).

For Program Review and writing Course Improvement Plans (CIP) run the "SLO Performance - By Dept, Course, CSLO" report. This give you the ability to see an aggregate of data over a number of semesters


How to run reports:


How to read the Course Statistics report (find out what is needed):


How to read the Faculty Participation report (find out who completed items):

How to read the SLO Performance by Department report (view data for CIPs):


How to run Action Plan (SIP and CIP) reports (used for writing CIPs):