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FRC Faculty & Staff

STAFFING: Our organizational chart can be accessed at the bottom of this page.
picture of Elizabeth

Dr. Elizabeth Imhof (100% FTE), FRC Co-Director & Professional Development Coordinator, ECC-40, x 5148, imhof[at]sbcc[dot]edu - Instructional Consultation; Faculty Training & Advisement
picture of Laurie
Laurie Vasquez (40% FTE–FRC, 60% FTE- DSPS), Assistive Technology Specialist, ECC-40, x 2724, vasquez[at]sbcc[dot]edu  - Accessibility & Universal Access; Assistive Technology & Equipment; Curricunet & Turnitin Training

picture of David
David Wong, Director, Instructional Technology, and Co-Director, FRC (department manager), ECC-40, 805-897-3462, wong[at]sbcc[dot]edu - Instructional Consultation; Online Course Training, Web development, Screen recordings
picture of Jeff
Jeff Barnes, FRC Technology Specialist, ECC-40, x2395, barnes[at]sbcc[dot]edu  - 
Video and Audio Production/Compression/Streaming; DVD and CD mastering
Karen Shannon
Karen Shannon, FRC Development Specialist, Sr., ECC-40, X2861, shannon[at]sbcc[dot]edu - Web Page Development; Online Course & Campus Pipeline training.
picture of Rob
Robert Brown, FRC Development Specialist, Sr., ECC-40, X2860, RLBrown2[at]pipeline[dot]sbcc[dot]edu  – Web page development, Online Course training, Graphics design, E-Lumen and Omni tool training, Campus Pipeline…
Retired Staff & Faculty: Folks who have recently moved on to life beyond SBCC...  We wish them well and miss them greatly.
picture of Mark

Mark Ferrer - FRC Co-Director, Professional Development Coordinator & SLO Coordinator - retired June 3, 2016
picture of Mary

Mary James, Administrative Assistant I - retired April 30, 2016
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