John P. Trimble Home

Exquisite only begins to describe the restoration of the Trimble House. The minute you walk into this Greek Revival style home, you'll be transported back in time to the period in which the Trimbles lived here. Everything looks just as it would have then.

From 1847-1980, the house was occupied by five generations of descendants of John P. and Adelia Trimble. All the furnishings displayed here originally belonged to the Trimble family. Because houses rarely remain in a single family prior to restoration, this is extremely rare.

A unique feature of this home is the detailed restoration of the first wallpaper. Pulled from the plaster and reproduced by the original manufacturer, the pattern is now known as the Trimble Stripe. Also masterfully restored are the gray marbleized baseboard finish, and the false graining on the doors and windows. Not to be missed in the parlor, are gilded pressed metal cornices that have received national acclaim.