Welcome! You have chosen a career filled with unlimited potential, one that can take you in many directions and holds the possibility to make you a confident, successful professional. As a beauty industry professional, you will play a vital role in the lives of your clients. Your clients will come to rely on you to provide them with ongoing service, helping them to look and feel their best.

The cosmetology industry is rapidly expanding as new trends and services hit the market. There is a great demand for highly trained professionals and businesses are looking for graduates to come work for them in a multitude of areas. Milady Standard Cosmetology is the complete first step that all professional cosmetologists need to kick off and grow in their career.

You will meet other industry professionals at seminars, workshops, and conventions where you will learn the latest techniques, specific product knowledge, and management procedures. All of the experiences in which you have the opportunity to participate will provide you with additional insights into the profession you have chosen. You will build a network of professionals to turn to for career advice, opportunity, and direction.

Whatever direction you choose, we wish you a successful and enjoyable journey!