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Coolant Thru Options

Coolant Thru Options - Shank

Coolant or Air thru the tool comes in 2 configurations.
  1. Coolant Thru the Center
  2. Coolant Thru the Flange
Coolant Thru the Knob or Center

This configuration is when the coolant is supplied down the center of the machine spindle.  A hole in the retention knob allows coolant to pass thru the holder to the cutting tool.

Coolant Thru the Flange

In a Flange Coolant system a specification determines the hole location and size. The coolant enters the flange holes which direct the coolant to the center of the holder and out the cutting tool.  Depending on the holder design 1 or more holes may be needed to direct the coolant to the proper 

Flange coolant is also know as DIN coolant.  This is from DIN standard #69871.  DIN69871 refers to 2 different coolant styles:

DIN A = Coolant Thru the Knob or Center (Fig. #1)
DIN B = Coolant Thru the Flange (Fig. #2)

The standard was later modified to add a combination 
feature DIN AD+B or AD/B (Fig. #3).  This has all the 
features of flange coolant with the option of inserting screws into the flange coolant holes to plug them.  Plugging the holes allows the holder to be used on a DIN A or Coolant Thru the Center machine.